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Weaver Athletic Association was founded in 2002 when we grew too large to be included in Midlothian Athletic Associations programs. We serve all of the children and young adults in the Bettie Weaver Elementary School district. Thankfully each year we have been able to provide recreational league athletics to a growing group of participants. The Board of Directors, coaches, parents and friends of Weaver AA have volunteered countless hours since we began to build a program that we are all proud to be associated with. We thank everyone who has contributed to this association.

There are a few things that the Board would like to share with you regarding our mission and philosophy at Weaver Athletic Association. Perhaps nothing is more important than our commitment to "Pursuing Victory with Honor". We participate in this national program that is designed to instill in our athletes, parents, coaches and volunteers the importance of playing by the rules, being gracious in victory and defeat and treating fellow teammates with respect and dignity. We hope that you will take the time to learn more about this program which is featured on this website. We also believe that our participants should be given the opportunity to learn the fundamentals and advanced skills of the sports in which they participate while assuring that their safety and welfare are paramount.

We acknowledge that sometimes things do not turn out the way they should. If that happens, we believe that communication is the best way to seek a resolution. Therefore, please communicate to the coach, the sports administrator, and if necessary, to a board member any problems or concerns you may encounter.

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