CJFC is a competitive youth soccer club committed to offering central New Jersey players an organized and professional association that encourages player and character development, teamwork, sportsmanship, social responsibility and a love and appreciation
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Program Information
2012/2013 Seasonal Year

CJFC is a competitive youth soccer club committed to offering central New Jersey players an organized and professional association that encourages player and character development, teamwork, sportsmanship, social responsibility and a love and appreciation for the sport.
CJFC has a unique vision – to “develop the complete player” both on and off the field.  Provide kids with the opportunity to play soccer, a sport they love, at advanced levels of competition under professional coaching/training at a reasonable cost.  CJFC will promote a balanced, supportive and flexible program that is designed to meet the needs of each player and their family. CJFC and Christian Sanje Training (CST) will motivate and encourage each child to meet their full potential as soccer players and in life. We also expect our families to provide a supportive environment for the players, offering only encouragement from the sideline.  CJFC will provide a meaningful, quality experience for every player. We emphasize individual responsibility and the responsibility of each player to their team. CJFC is a multi-year approach to developing its players to their fullest potential while providing an environment that will enable collegiate level exposure.
Christian Sanje Training (CST) will be conducting tryouts in April and May 2012.  Each team will have 4 tryout opportunities.  In order to be considered for a roster spot a player must attend 2 tryout sessions however you are encouraged to attend all tryout sessions. 
Each player participating in the tryouts must complete the on-line registration process prior to attending a tryout session.  Registering for a CJFC tryout is FREE.  Players will participate in warm-ups, drills and small-sided scrimmages under the supervision of Christian Sanje Training (CST).  CST will select the team roster.  The tryout process includes limited direct coaching as it is an evaluation process of assessing the player’s ability and attitude.  
CJFC Independence (U14G):
To be eligible a player must be born between 8/1/1998 and 7/31/1999

Tryout Dates: 6/4, 6/6, 6/11, & 6/13
Time: 6:00p – 7:30p
Tryout Location: Mercer County Park

Head Coach: Christian Sanje
Head Trainer: Christian Sanje

**Tryout dates and location are subject to change.  In the event a posted date changes all registered participants will be notified via email prior to the tryout date.
CJFC recognizes that competitive soccer is not for everyone. Players should possess the abilities to meaningfully participate at the higher level of competition found in club soccer. Players are selected to the team through a tryout process led by a professional and licensed youth coach (Christian Sanje). 
A CJFC goal is to assemble teams that have the potential to compete at the highest levels in State, Regional and National competition.
CJFC will roster up to 18 players per team.
It is required that all players are US Club and NJ Youth Soccer carded with CJFC.
CJFC has retained Christian Sanje Training (CST) a licensed professional soccer coach who has extensive experience and success coaching at the youth level.  Christian is also a former professional player for the NY/NJ Metro Stars (Now NY Red Bulls). Christian has a deep passion for soccer and a love of teaching.
CST training and coaching is based off of the U.S. Soccer Coaching Curriculum and European Youth Soccer model.  All coaches are required to hold appropriate certifications.
All CJFC teams will be trained and coached by a CST licensed coach/trainer.
The parents of our players have a significant part in the success of our program and your opinions are important to us.   Our main objective is to provide a quality, meaningful learning experience for our players and our families.
General Program Outline:
First year teams will not compete in Summer Select.  The CJFC Summer Select Program starts with 2nd year teams.  For 2012 CJFC Barcelona will compete in Summer Select.
Fall 2012:
CJFC Barcelona (U15B):
The U15B team will train once per week in the fall.  There will be scrimmages scheduled and possibly a 3 game MAPS schedule.  There will also be 1 - 2 fall tournaments.
CJFC Arsenal (U14B) & Independence (U14G):
The Boys and Girls will participate in league play through “Mid-Atlantic Premier Soccer” (MAPS) playing 6 to 10 games from September to November. Both teams will start official training for the fall season in early August.  Both teams will train two to three times per week.  They will also compete in State Cup competition and 3 tournaments. 
All CJFC teams will have two weekly Futsal training sessions. CJFC teams will play in a local Futsal league over the winter season.  CJFC teams will be eligible to compete in the State and Regional Futsal tournaments should CST feel they can compete at this level.
Spring 2013:
All CJFC teams will participate in MAPS playing 6 to 10 games.  Teams will train two to three times per week.  The CJFC Barcelona will compete in State Cup competition.  All CJFC teams will compete in US Club NJ Cup and 2 - 3 tournaments. 
CJFC wants CST to focus on training and coaching and to give a voice to parents in team administration. Each team will select a team parent to help CJFC administer team operations.  The team parent must have a player(s) on the team. The Team Parent is responsible for following club guidelines and to assist in scheduling team meetings and events.
CST (Christian Sanje) or his designated representative exclusively communicates with families regarding all on-field matters. CST has the sole responsibility and discretion regarding selection of players for the team roster, player positions, substitutions and amount of playing time, game tactics and training plans.
In the event that CST is not able to attend a scheduled game or practice session a licensed trainer would be provided or the training session would be rescheduled.    

If you have additional questions regarding the training program/curriculum please email
CJFC website is hosted through League Athletics and will be the clubs central management and communications system. Leveraging today’s technologies to the fullest will enable CJFC to run the club very efficiently.
Highlights include the following features:

  • Club news and information pages.
  • Home pages for all teams.
  • Online schedules for the league as well as individual teams in a variety of formats, including a multi-team schedule for families.
  • Email notifications of schedule changes.
  • Game results and player statistics.
  • League standings.
  • Online member database.
  • Customizable, online registration system.
  • Team Rosters.
  • Blast emails to select groups of members.
CJFC will train and play home games at the Hamilton YMCA @ Sawmill and Mercer County Park.   **CJFC is working diligently to help bring Turf Fields to the Mercer County Area.** We hope to achieve this goal by the spring of 2013.  More specific information will be available soon.

CJFC intends to work with the local soccer community to enhance the overall soccer experience (attending local collegiate and professional games; reaching out to local college coaches to speak to our teams).

CJFC Barcelona (U15B)
            Standard Cost:  $1,170 per player
            Does not include uniform kit for new players.
Non-Standard Cost (Tournament’s Only):  approximately $500 per player (based on a roster of 15)
            Tournaments are invite only
CJFC Arsenal (U14B) & CJFC Independence (U14G)
$1,600 per player 
Non-Standard Cost (Tournament’s only):  approximately $500 per player (based on a roster of 15)
            Tournaments are invite only
Standard Cost (Minimum Requirement):
Include Club, League Fees (fall, winter, and spring), Equipment, Apparel (except for CJFC Barcelona), Officials, Professional Training, Coaching, Field Rental, and Miscellaneous fees. 
All programs include professional training for fall, winter, and spring. 
Non-Standard Cost (Additional Requirement):
Include Tournaments and Futsal League play.  The tournament team is selected by CST.  It is estimated that 14 – 16 players would be invited to each tournament. 
Upon acceptance to a team each parent is required to sign a financial agreement (understanding of commitment) to include an initial $500 deposit submitted within 7 days of acceptance. The remaining payments will be scheduled monthly over the course of the 2012/13 season. 
Each CJFC team will have its own budget and a volunteer Treasurer will be selected to manage team expenses.  
A Financial statement will be provided on a quarterly basis.  CJFC is a 501(c) 4 non-profit organization. 
If you have any questions please contact us at
Thank you for your interest in CJFC!  We hope to see you at tryouts.