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KCYLL Board Meeting
Wednesday, January 26, 2011
In attendance:
Debbie Ward – Prairie Village                                                     Heather Hertzler – Lee’s Summit
Karen Linville – Prairie Village                                                     Randy Kurt – St. Paul’s
Chris Kurtz – Jo. Co. Park & Rec.                                                                Rob Worrell -- Pembroke
Ken Bean – Northland                                                                  Dusty Kilgore – Jo. Co. Park & Rec.
Doug Fischer – Olathe                                                                    Dan Hapke – Pembroke
Rob McCarthy – Olathe                                                                 Janos Glynn – Blue Valley (via phone)
Greg Goss – Brookside                                                                  Mike Lettera – Northland
Hunter Anderson                                                                             Joe Vasta – Girls’ Program
Marty Dakan -- Brookside
The meeting was called to order at 6:40pm
A motion to approve the minutes from the December 16, 2010 meeting was made by Doug Fischer and seconded by Hunter Anderson.  The minutes were approved as written.
Program Registration
Club representatives began to discuss how many players and teams could be expected from each club, but as registration is not yet complete, it was difficult to determine whether there will be the same number of teams as last year.  Mike suggested that a deadline for rosters be set so that the field schedules can be finalized and the games scheduled.  It was agreed that a deadline of Saturday, February 19thbe set for the submission of teams from each club. 
Greg will have a worksheet available on the KCYLL website for each Club to fill out and send to Heather Hertzler, Lee’s Summit Club, by February 19th.  She will then compile all of the information on an Excel spreadsheet for the Scheduling Committee.  The worksheet will ask for the following information:
  • Number of teams for each grade, including teams of combined grades (i.e., 5-6thgrade & 7-8thgrade teams)
  • Experience levels of players to determine that teams will be evenly matched in game play
  • Identify exceptions in teams of combined grades (Rule F7 in Bylaws determined that no greater than 30% of players can be from the higher grade/experience level)
A scheduling conference call will take place on Sunday, February 20thbeginning at 6pm (to go no later than 9pm) to schedule the games.  This  conference call will be the opportunity to declare the programs most current "by grade" level team count and discuss any possible exceptions that are a program might have outside of the Bylaws.  Mike will send out information regarding the conference call prior to the 20th.
An important point to consider:  when confirming registration of players, KCYLL will need verification that all players are current members of US Lacrosse Association.
Johnson Co. Park and Rec. has sent out postcards to approximately 750 grade school children within their boundaries.  Their deadline for registration is March 15.  They inquired as to whether they could solicit outside of the Park & Rec. boundaries west toward DeSoto, Ks.  It was determined for this year that the boundaries could be somewhat flexible, as long as they didn’t infringe on other Clubs’ areas.  They currently have at least 4 coaches willing to participate this year.
One conflict between Clubs has been resolved and there are currently no other player/club conflicts.
Field Location Discussion
Since it has not been determined exactly how many teams will be participating from each Club for the 2011 season, we will hold all fields for the maximum hours available for the present time.  Once the schedules have been determined, adjustments will be made and hours could be shortened at some or all fields. 
The fields available for 5th-8thgrade games are:  Shawnee Mission East High School, Oak Park High School, Rockhurst University and Olathe East High School (all turf fields).
The fields available for 3rd-4thgrade games are:  New Mark Middle School, Pembroke and St. Paul’s.
The fields available for 2ndgrade practice/scrimmages are: Northland (New Mark?) and Porter Park in Prairie Village.  The 2ndgrade activities will take place on Saturdays so as to not conflict with the 3-4thgrade games.
Field Maintenance discussion was tabled until the game schedule has been set.
Field Safety
A packet addressing all aspects of field safety will be presented to the coaches at the Coaches Meeting (see below). The documents will address what to do in the event of lightning, hydration and heat policies, concussions, and general risk management.  The US Lacrosse Risk Management Document is being consulted in the creation of the KCYLL document.  It will be the coaches’ responsibility to go through the checklist at the field to ensure that everything is safe for the players to compete.
The lightning policy was briefly discussed.  Because we are adhering to a strict time schedule for games this year, it will be possible to call a game because of lightning, but not affect the remainder of the games for the day.  Only that game affected by lightning will be postponed, and if weather clears, the balance of the games would be played on schedule.  Determination for calling/delaying play will be in keeping with US Lacrosse rules, and John Dehan, from Call the Game, is being consulted about their policies.
Coaches Meeting
The KCYLL Coaches meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 22ndat 6pm at Mike’s Tavern on Troost (the same time and location as last year’s meeting).  The format will be similar to those held in the past, with discussion of rule changes in the League a big topic for this year.  The Field Safety Packet (see above) will be presented, and it was suggested that the coaches also be given a short questionnaire to determine if they are current on all the KCYLL rules of play.  Rob Worrell will create a 25-question document for the coaches to take and then discuss.  It was also suggested that a representative from the referees come to discuss what they will be looking for as far as penalties for the year (i.e., slashing, checking), so that the coaches can rectify problems before they occur.  A Dick’s Sporting Goods Coaching packet will be incentive for the coaches to attend, and a budget of $500 for the event will cover soda, water, etc.  An idea was floated about a raffle of equipment that will be followed up with Dick’s.
The head of each Club is asked to disseminate information about the event and ensure that all coaches attend.  It is a social evening, in addition to a working event, with both learning and fun stressed.  It was determined that there is no need for a guest speaker, as in the past, with the amount of new information to get out to the coaches.  A flyer was passed out about the Tom Marecheck Coach and Player Clinics, with the idea that representatives encourage their coaches to attend. (Coaches’ Clinic to be held February 12th, from 12- 3pm)
Joe Vasta the recommended that all coaches be Level One certified for the next season.
Call the Game Officials Training Game Day
Training for referees will be held the weekend of March 20th, prior to beginning of the season.  Mike asked that Clubs submit at least one team and all grade levels need to be represented.  Let him know what teams are to be sent so that he can schedule.  The Board agreed to spend $500 to cover the cost of using turf fields. Field to be determined.
Opening Game Day
The Spring Season will open on March 27th, and the Board discussed ways to promote the season.  Karen Linville volunteered to be the media contact person and coordinate public relations for the Opening Day. 
Sponsorship Update
Hunter and Mike will be meeting with a representative at Dick’s Sporting Goods on Friday to discuss potential sponsorships.  Points to be covered include exclusive sponsorship rights, posting on the website, possible sponsorship of season-end tournament.  The sponsorship agreement will be good for only one year.  After the meeting, Hunter and Mike will communicate with the Board before a final agreement is set.
Scheduling Committee
Upon the suggestion of Pierre Barbeau, a Scheduling Committee will be formed to schedule games and ensure that competition is fair.  Dan Hapke, Hunter Anderson, Greg Goss, Ken Bean and Pierre Barbeau will constitute the Committee. 
Girls’ Lacrosse Update
Joe Vasta anticipates 10 teams participating in the 5th-8thgrade levels, the same number as last year.  The season will be 6 weeks long, but they hope to increase the number of games played this year by scheduling double-headers on some days.  An e-mail will be sent out to Clubs to get an idea as to who would like to play double-headers.  The “Final Four” Championship will be held on May 22nd
There has been interest in the 2nd-4thgrade levels, and they will be looking for those interested in scrimmaging.  Northland, Leawood, St. Paul’s/Pembroke Clubs expressed interest.  Each Club will be charged $300 for access/use of the KCYLL website.
  • The Olathe Club has a bag of sticks for use by Clubs interested in holding beginner clinics.
  • Brookside, Prairie Village, and Pembroke Clubs are looking into holding an Equipment Swap, potentially on March 6th.  Players would bring used equipment to sell at a designated location to be determined.  Sellers would be responsible for all transactions.  This would provide an outlet for new players to purchase “gently used” equipment as well as players who are interested in cleaning their closets.  Other clubs are welcome to participate if interested.  Please contact Marty Dakan or Debbie Ward if interested in participating and for more information.
Next Meeting
Because of the Conference Call on February 20thand the Coach’s Meeting on February 22nd, there will not be another Board Meeting prior to the beginning of the season.
The Meeting was adjourned at 8:10pm
Respectfully Submitted,
Marty Dakan