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2022 MLK DAY Tourney
Monday - January 17th
Schedule located on HOME PAGE Headlines
Please check daily for updated schedule and changes
Please make sure to arrive 15 minutes prior to your first game for check-in.  You will need a copy of the Willy Roy Soccer Dome Roster and players passes.  All schedules are final for the tourney. 
We typically have 34 teams participate throughout the day with 4-8 teams per division. 
Spots are limited so register early to guarantee your team a spot. 

Please enjoy the competition and Good Luck to all Teams.
Just a few important rules at the Soccer Dome:
  • Players can only wear indoor or turf shoes.  No outdoor shoes
  • Sliding and Slide Tackling in not allowed.  A foul will be called by referee.
  • 28 minute games - Please leave the field immediately the game is over.
  • Any fighting results in players and possibly team being dismissed from tourney.
  • Winning coach will turn in the score card to tourney director following each game.

    Indoor soccer tournaments are much different than outdoor. You don't have to commit to an entire weekend of soccer. Tournaments are completed in just a few hours in one location but the biggest benefit is you stay warm and dry! Games are 28 minutes long, each teams plays a minimum of three games, and there are plenty of activities to keep the kids busy while you play or between games.