Henry County Lacrosse is a recreational lacrosse program for boys and girls in Henry County Georgia - a large county on in the southeast metropolitan Atlanta area.

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How We Can Honor the Game
We expect our Coaches, Players and Parents  to Honor the Game so we can be proud of ourselves win or lose.
The acronym ROOTS will help us remember how we need to conduct oursleves.

R – We obey the rules even if we can get away with bending them, and even if our opponents don’t.
O – A worthy opponent helps us get better – we want to play fierce and friendly and never think of them as enemies.
O – We respect officials even when bad calls go against us. Our players and parents will not complain to officials during a game, even if they think our players are being treated unfairly.
T – We don’t do anything to embarrass our teammates, on or off the field.
S for Self – Don’t Honor the Game because we expect you to. Do it because you want to.  We will live up to our own standards even if our opponent doesn’t.

Our goal is for our opponents and officials to say that we are the classiest team they have ever seen.