Club Philosophy

Develop the student athlete with a positive lacrosse experience by teaching respect for the game, self, teammates, officials, parents, and opposing teams.  

We will foster a positive lacrosse experience by:

    Conducting practices using the same format for all teams,

    Instructing consistently,

    Teaching life skills in addition to lacrosse skills,

    Being PCA (Positive Coaching Alliance) coaches,

    Putting the student athelete first.

Knowing why kids quit sports

The sport was not challenging or exciting ...

The sport was all work and no fun ...

The kids didn’t like the coach ...

The kids found other interests ...

The kids didn’t get to play a lot and, with the lack of playing time, became discouraged and frustrated ...

The kids felt they were being treated unfairly ...

The kids were not happy with the way they were playing ...

Knowing Our Responsibilities

Focusing on the fundamentals,

Effort trumps winning,

Keeping the players safe.

As coaches, we will:

Treat our players fairly,

Be good role models,

Stick to the basics,

Set objectives,

Promote values (one of the most important aspects of our Club).


Each coach receives lacrosse development topics that the team will be expected to teach throughout the season.  Such topics will include not only lacrosse development skills but integrity, honesty, sportsmanship, etc.  The goal of this Club is to create a learning environment that goes beyond the sport.  Our goal is to develop the lacrosse skills of the student athlete which includes the development of the person.