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Important Concepts Taught During Winter Lacrosse, 2011/2012

Videos posted below will reinforce concepts and drills covered during our winter lacrosse sessions at FSA.  The idea here is to post a video and brief commentary as to why the concept is important to the youth player.  Our hope is that the players will take a few minutes to watch the video and take the time to practice the drill/concept.  

PLEASE NOTE: The videos chosen by CT Lacrosse Training may show the drill, concept or maneuver slightly different than the way it was taught by our coaching staff.

The V-Cut (introduced to our 7th and 8th grade Wednesday group by Matt Ranaghan, Assistant Coach at Trinity College

The V-Cut is a maneuver used by an offensive player to get open for a pass.  It is used by the offensive player to get separation from his or her defender.  The video below shows Matt Danowski, former Duke All-American and current Major League lacrosse player demonstrating the V-Cut.  Offensive players should know that in order for the maneuver to be effective, they will need to take hard, aggresive steps in order to get their defender to over-commit to their initial move.  Note that once the player making the V-Cut receives the pass, he or she is now in the "triple threat position" which means he or she is poised to make a pass, shoot or dodge to the goal.