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The general mission of NCJLA is to facilitate the growth of youth lacrosse (U-8 through U-14) in Northern California and to encourage the growth of high school lacrosse through club teams and teams officially affiliated with local high schools.

The structure of NCJLA may include the development of regional governing organizations. NCJLA will rely primarily on volunteers, serving on the board of directors and in other key positions, to set policies, provide leadership and carry out the objectives of the league. It will provide administrative staff to assist in this effort. All member organizations, through their representatives, must actively participate in meetings of the boys and girls divisions.

NCJLA will provide a positive, welcoming experience for all young players, while providing competitive divisions and opportunities commensurate with years of experience and age. It will encourage participation in tournaments sponsored by U.S. Lacrosse and events at other regional and national venues.

In admitting and scheduling games for new clubs, NCJLA will take into consideration concerns over lengthy travel.

NCJLA will be fiscally responsible and will seek to augment dues through private donations, fund-raising and corporate sponsorships.

NCJLA will provide equal opportunities for boys and girls, with resources allocated as needed.

NCJLA will require every club to adopt, and encourage every family to embrace, the philosophy and practices of the Positive Coaching Alliance. To promote sportsmanship among players, parents and coaches, the organization will offer education and training, provide oversight and impose disciplinary actions when deemed appropriate.


NCJLA, in conjunction with U.S. Lacrosse, will provide training opportunities so every team can have a well-trained coach.

NCJLA will require that member organizations provide trained referees. It will offer referee/umpire training sessions in conjunction with Northern California referee/umpire associations and will collaborate with those organizations.

NCJLA will respect the rich history and traditions of lacrosse, including its roots in Native American culture.