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Canyon Creek Little League
Board Meeting Minutes                    November 15, 2010
Morgan Cabana
Present:   Kelvin Friedel, Ross McKeon, Diana Waterson, John Morris,  Lorraine Kalich, Jeni Bernard, Michael Marver, Paul Leffel, Scott Anderson, David Lawrence, David Verespey, Joshua Nevarez, Michael Kanceljak, Anne Reed, Michelle Simpson, Phil Tsang, Abe Harris, John Giffins, Amy Wong, Curtis Mentz, Gary Wallace, Michelle Stanchina
     The meeting was called to order by Kelvin Friedel at 7:07 p.m.  

          I.  President’s Report  -  

              a.  Australian Tournament.  District 57 is still considering participating.  No decision has been made as of yet.

              b.  San BernardinoTournament.  The draw for the tournament is coming up and it is not yet determined if CCLL will be participating.  

              c.  50/70 Program.  Kelvin discussed the possibility of CCLL doing a 50/70 program.  The Board discussed options on how this would be achieved and finalization is still in the works.   

          II.  Treasurer’s Report –  Michael Marver is in the process of finalizing the budget and will present it at the next Board Meeting.  

          III.  Player Agent  – Diana Waterson reported that all dates for tryouts and the draft are on the website.  A copy of the draft process was handed out to the Board for review and discussion.  Abe Harris will be handling the tryout process on the field.  Michelle Simpson will get volunteers and will make sure that they submit their volunteer forms and get the proper background checks.  Diana will be holding a meeting with the Division Directors to discuss managers and finalize the number of teams for each division.  Managers selected will not receive their packets until a volunteer form and background check have been completed. 

          IV.  Training Coordinator– Josh Nevarez presented the training summary for the upcoming season.  Josh will provide Phil Tsang with all training dates to be posted on the website.  Josh is looking into replacing EJ and finding a new source for Rookie and A coaches training. 

  •           V.  New Business
                  a.  Equipment - Equipment will be distributed at the drafts on December 12, 
                  b.  Little League Day - Little League Day will be held on April 17, 2011 with the Oakland Athletics.  Michelle is checking with the Giants to see if we can schedule a day with them.
  •               c.  Uniforms – John Morris is looking into having the uniform process done online.  Shirts and hats for each team would be ordered online and possible optional items can be ordered as well (i.e. baseball pants, belts, socks).   More details to follow.
                  d.  Safety Plan - Michael Kanceljak is in the process of updating the Safety Plan.  A date needs to be set for the Safety meeting.  

              VI.  Old Business              

                  a.  Sponsorship Coordinator – Michelle Stanchina has filled the Sponsorship Coordinator position.  Michelle has composed a letter that will be sent out to potential sponsors.  All sponsors should go through Michelle to ensure that banners, website and program information is taken care of.  It was suggested to invite sponsors to CCLL upcoming events. 

                  b.  Pictures - Picture day will be held on April 23, 2011.  CCLL will be using the services of Shooting Star Photography. 

            VII.  Next Board Meeting – December 13, 2010. 
    Meeting was adjourned at 9:14  p.m. by Kelvin Friedel.
    Respectfully submitted:
    Jeni Bernard – CCLL Secretary 2009/2010.