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1st/2nd Grade:
Learn Cradling Motion
               Full Cradle – right and left handed
               Half Cradle – right and left handed
               Switching hands while cradling (pop and drop)
               These all should be mastered stationary, walking/skipping, jogging, running
              Stick skills – fun tricks, six step stickwork
Incorporate Pivoting and Dodging  into Cradling
               Split, Face, and Roll Dodges
              Pivoting with right and left foot
               Work from Stationary to Walking to Running
Ground Balls
                When approaching ball, box out , put your body between you and opponent
               Bend Knees, Get low, Front foot should be next to the ball
Top hand should be at head of stick
 Push back hand down towards ground
Cradle and protect your stick when coming up from picking up the ball
Basics of Passing
               EYE CONTACT
Stationary, One handed (top hand) push up while stepping with the opposite foot and following through to partner
               Add Bottom hand and use the same motion
               Switch and do the same thing with Non-dominant hand
Basics of Catching
               See the Ball into the shooting strings on your stick and GIVE back to your ear
               Know to move your stick/body to where the ball is passed
*Start to work on Passing and Catching on the move – especially running through the catch*
Field positions
               1v1 body positioning – force weak midfield, force wide 12 m                   
               Sticks up between 10 and 2 o’clock
               Keep feet moving aligned with the attacker’s feet
              Settled Defense – between girl and goal
             Person with ball goes to goal
               Aim for the corners
               Follow through to where you are aiming
3rd/4th Grade
All of the above and…
Players need to become more comfortable passing and catching on the move.
Run through the catch, not stopping to receive
              Stick protection -  fakes (stick and body)
              Cradling – weakside strong
              Passing and catching – weakside strong
              Catching – bottom hand only
              Switching hands on pivot and dodges
Introduce Game Concepts:
Settled Attack – (girl with ball attack cage, if stopped pass and move)
              spreading out, setting s pick/screen, 1 v 1s (incorporating dodges)
              Settled Defense – 8 meter helping D, pressuring the Ball
Defensive stance in settled situation on the 8 (forcing weak and wide)
Stick up mirror opponents stick
              Crease defense
Transition – cutting to the ball, cutting away to create space(homework cut)
              Moving ball from defensive goal to attacking end
               Need to introduce and harp on using communication during drills and games
              Ball – when marking player with ball            
              Ball Down, - when ball is on ground
              Got ball (yell ball  down when you are going for the pick-up)
               One Up (when asking for a pass)
               Help (in transition or defense when you need sliding help from a teammate)
Competitive Ground Balls – boxing out, protecting your sticks, rolling to get strong side, 1v1, 2v1 (with pass down field to open attacker)
Introduce the position of goalie
               Positioning in the cage, following ball with stick up
Stepping to the ball
Low Defensive Clearing
5th/6th grade
All of the above and…
Players should be getting more comfortable passing and catching on the move, with both their dominant and non-dominant hands.  Players should be able to catch all around body.  Players should be incorporating fakes, stick and body movement into cradle.  Players should be able to catch high one handed.  Quick sticks on the move with right and left hand.  Player should be able to make behind the back pass.
Seeing the field and recognizing when teammates are open immediately after receiving ball, off pivot, after a dodge and after passing ball for a give and go.
Continue Introducing Game Concepts:
Positions on field:   4 Attackers, 3 Midfielders, 4 Defenders, 1 goalie  Understand who plays where on the field and below the restraining line relative to where the ball is being played.
Settled Attack –  General guidelines, girl with ball attack cage, girls next to  ball moving away to create lane for ball carrier, if attacker with ball is stopped, pass and move away. Team-mate without ball always see your teammate with the ball and watch your defender to see what they do. Stick protection – triple threat, shoulder, shoulder, ball, spreading out, cuts through the 8, picks, on and off ball, 1v1s, rolling the crease, 8 meter shots, continuous movement on attack, 2v2s, 3v3s, 3v 2s, 4v3s
Settled Defense – understand 8 meter, pressure ball, and all out pressure defense – sliding with each with help is called ( help left, help right), swarming the ball when in 8m arc.  Understand opening up to see ball, middle, and girl. Settled around 8m - hug tree, use forearm to touch attacker, keep weight balanced and use short sliding steps when square to attacker. Knowing when and how to double team.  Should understand 1st and 2nd slides, ball side. Communication – should know terms – ball, help left, help right, double, swarm, help.  Non – ball side slide towards ball side.
Midfield defense – run with player, hug tree force weak cradle and weakside catch.  Deny player ball, if she is in the position to catch, make her catch weak side.  Always look to see if you are below ball, helping to get back on defense.
Midfield transition – players keeping lanes on field, passing the ball down field, Learning homework cuts, knowing and feeling where defender is playing you to enable you to ask for the ball away from defender. 
Show offense and defense around crease.  Attackers behind look to feed or use crease to attack the cage.  Defense – do not chase behind, follow girl around in front of cage on crease.  When player attempts to cut force away from cage.
Picks – offensive, setting a pick for team mate, how to use a pick on attack.
              Defense, how to defend around a pick, communication on defense (pick  
Banana and Asparagus clearing cuts, understanding 3 seconds and shooting space, defensive positioning for 8 meter shots
Transition – scanning the field, looking opposite, double-teaming in the midfield, sliding to ball once the ball carrier has passed your girl, defense & attack communicating 4 staying back over the restraining line
Draw – pushing/pull motion of the player taking the draw, running onto the circle, realizing where the ball is going and arranging yourself on the circle in strategic positioning (boxing out)
Restraining line rules and positioning on draw
Communication should be used and understood by all players
Game Sense – Understanding the game of Lacrosse.  Passing the ball downfield to create a fast break situation to go to goal and find open player to score.  If fast break is stopped set up settled attack.  Defense mentality is to get ball, double and go on attack.
7th/8th grade
All of the above and…
Players need to be comfortable passing and catching accurately with both their dominant and non-dominant hands.
Continue to develop Game Concepts and Game Sense in players
Attack – players should be able to realize and take advantage of one up or fast break situations, basic offensive plays should be taught and used in game situations.  Motion on attack should always be occurring in a settled situation.  Shooting accurately on the move, faking before shooting.
Midfield – Execute doubles in the midfield, creating space in order to cut back for the ball, understanding the importance of scanning and passing the ball opposite (shifting the defense). 
Defense – Denying cuts into the 8 meter, defense positioning again plays (iso, stack, etc), Loud and effective communication resulting in turnovers, interceptions and goalie saves
Game Sense needs to be developed and seen during the game with all players on the field