Little League Baseball and Softball in West Windsor Plainsboro and Cranbury NJ

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West Windsor Little League
Board Meeting Minutes
October, 12, 2010

In attendance: Executive Board: Ellen Vogt, Jacqui  Stein, Sean Bluni, Bill Kramer,  Kim Strype

Others in attendance: Nick Schiera, Steve Lichtenstein, Blane Soper, Pete Leland, Matt Cleary, Bill Bethea, Dan Intili, Mark Pasquerella, Jose Rivera

Minutes - The September minutes were approved.

Board Positions
We are still in need of the following Coordinators: Merchandise, Volunteer, and Registration (Website).

Softball Day will be held October 16 which will include clinics, instruction, food and prizes.  We have 20 registrants so far. Softball clinics run by Jackie Sasko of Gametime Performance will begin on October 17 and last four sessions. WWP-North Varsity Softball Team will be heading up a winter clinic that start November 14 and run for six sessions.  Registration signs should be going up around town by this weekend.  A coaches clinic will be held sometime late January/February. Softball is still in need of a couple of coordinators. Fall Ball has been terrific and the girls have gotten a lot out of it.

Baseball (Sean)
We are still looking for coordinators at the younger levels.  Would be willing to help walk someone through the process.  Once registration is complete will have an idea of how many teams to make.

Fall Ball (Steve)
There were 7 teams. The idea is to get the kids out and play approximately 15 games in the fall.  Jacqui reported that she has been getting good feedback regarding Fall Ball.

Trenton Thunder Night
Trenton Thunder Night is tentatively scheduled for May 14 however we may not be able to use Field of Dreams on that date.

Website (Bill)
The new system is up and running. Happy with the functionality of the system. We are waiting to receive our icon to be placed on the system .

Larry Charlip will be working on this. If anyone knows of a potential sponsor please let us know. Nick Schiera is working on getting Saturday Sponsors and has two so far.
Player Development (Pete)
Parents want to know what is out there to further their child's development. We are looking into what we need to offer and give more options. Jose Rivera offers conditioning program at Lawrenceville Prep. PPH was also in attendance and can put together a program based on our needs.  Requested a free clinic for minors division to give them additional instruction before starting in the majors.

Indoor Facility
Paul St. Amour will be in charge of all indoor scheduling and cards.

Lights @ WWCP
Batting cages at WWCP

The cost of fixing all three fields at Ward is approximately $9,000-10,000. (includes-top dress, reseed, infield mix, tighten up baseline)
Motioned and approved to have go forward to fix the fields at Ward. Will start first week in November.

Discussion on how we can fix up indoor facility.

Discussion on how to prep the fields properly. Maybe hold the coaches clinic on the field so they can be taught properly.

Concerns about people driving down the driveway at Ward Park.  Major safety concern. It is important that to park in the parking lot and walk your child to the field. It was suggested that we implement barriers that anchor down but you can drive over them if need be. They have these at Veterans Park in

Hamilton. We will look into it.

Reminder to all coaches/managers to get the players off the field if lightening starts.

Meeting adjourned  9:10