Horsham Lacrosse Club will provide the youth of both Hatboro Borough and Horsham Township with an affordable opportunity to have fun while learning the skills, teamwork, and the sportsmanship that is part of the Lacrosse Tradition, and act as a feeder pro

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Young Guns

Our Young Guns Program is designed for boys in K - 3rd/4th grades. This age group of boys  are mostly new to the sport of Lacrosse and our organization. The clubs priority and goal is to introduce & instruct these kids on the basics of Lacrosse in a fun and safe way. There is a non-contact instructional league with a few games per season with other clubs in the area. Our coaches have been coaching with us for the past few years and have children in this program. For the advanced 4th grade players we do have a team (C1) that plays a full schedule organized by SEPYLA which is our league.