The premier travel baseball program in Greenwich Connecticut for baseball players ages 13-19. Greenwich CT.

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Greenwich American Legion Baseball

A Message for Our Fans

Fan enthusiasm and support are a great part of baseball and active cheering is encouraged. The American Legion Baseball program is dedicated to providing a safe and positive environment for both the player and fans.

You are requested to be considerate at all times of the feelings of the players and sensitivities of those fans seated around you.  Hopefully, this request is all that is necessary. The American Legion will enforce this request in the following manner.

1. The use of artificial noisemakers will not be permitted, during an American Legion Baseball game. Persons using any artificial noisemaker will be ask to stop. A second violation will be removed from the ballpark.

2. Persons entering the playing field or throwing or attempting to throw objects on the field also will be subjected to immediate ejection and criminal prosecution.

3. Persons using obscene or abusive language or engaging in any other antisocial conduct, offensive to those around them will be asked to cease this conduct. If the offensive conduct persists, those involved will be subject to ejection from the premises

Your cooperation is appreciated and we hope you enjoy the game.


The American Legion

National Americanism Commission -

Indianapolis, IN