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     Sky Soccer Club is a very unique club, in that it has programs for all skill and commitment levels of players, from TOP Soccer, to Recreational Soccer, to Select soccer.  We are dedicated to providing a positive soccer experience for all of our players, so that they will continue to be connected to the game throughout their entire lives. 

     Most parents’ questions are in regards to the Select and Recreational programs.  So, below, we have provided answers to the most frequently asked questions about each program.  If after reading through them you are still unsure which one might be the best fit for your child, please contact the SKY office to talk to us!


SKY Select Soccer SKY Recreational Soccer
  • My child is in need of a more structured training environment and more competitive game environment.
  • Playing time is determined by a player’s work ethic, attitude, ability, and attendance.
  • Teams will practice 2-3 times a week, on average.
  • Tournaments: U9-U12 Teams will play an average of 1-2 away tournaments each season.  U13 and older teams will play an average of 2-3 away tournaments each season.
  • Teams will play an average of 12 friendly or league games per season, with most games NOT at home.
  • Each team coach or Director of Coaching (DOC) schedules the Select games and tournaments, so each team could be playing at a different location.
  • Coaches are paid SKY Staff coaches that the DOC designates for each team.
  • Uniform costs average $130 and consist of 2 Russell jerseys, Russell shorts, and 2 pairs of socks.
  • The fall season begins in early August and ends in early to mid November for U9-U14; U15 and up begins after High School soccer seasons
  • The spring season begins in mid February to early March and ends late May to early June.
  • Registration costs: Vary from team to team, but average $650-$975 AND $130 for uniform if needed(this includes a Fall & Spring season). *This does not include the cost of personal travel to games and tournaments.* Payment plans are available.
  • Specific Program Goals: For the more dedicated and committed players, SKY Select is there to provide the highest level of coaching and training, and to continually challenge and improve each player’s skills.  At the younger levels, emphasis is on individual player development, and progresses to focus on team development and the process of winning games.


  • My child is in need of a fun, less stressful training and game environment.
  • Playing time is equal for all players, no matter the players’ ability or attendance record.
  • Teams will practice an average of once a week.
  • Teams will play an average of 8-10 games per season, and all of those games will be played at Lovers Lane Soccer Complex.
  • The SKY Soccer Staff schedules all Recreational game schedules and, again, all games are at LLSC.
  • Coaches are parents/volunteers and are not paid.
  • Uniform costs average $30 and consist of black and white jerseys, black shorts, and black socks.
  • The fall season begins in late August/early September and ends in early November.
  • The spring season begins in early March and ends in mid to late May.
  • Registration costs per season: $70 for on-time registrants and $90 for late registrations.
  • Specific Program Goals: For the player whose primary goals are to have fun and exercise while learning new skills, recreational soccer is a perfect fit.  In addition, as players go through the program, they are taught the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play.