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KCYLL Meeting
October 11, 2010
In Attendance:                                                                 

Greg Goss
Janos Glenn
Holly Milledge                                  
Mike Lettera 
Karen Linville
Eric Koford
Pierre Barbeau
Debbie Ward
Hunter Anderson
Jim MCEnerney
Ken Bean
Dan Hapke
Tracy Dujakovich
Matt Mauer
Justin Wetterer

The meeting was called to order. Minutes approved from September meeting, Agenda adopted.
Matt Mauer Battalion chief – KC Mo Fire Department was our guest and spoke on Field Safety and Risk Management.
He passed out material on many subjects.
We discussed heat and hydration
Minimal medical equipment that is available at fields Defibrillators
Tornado procedures and Lightening procedures
Do we even know the accurate address to give emergency crews?
Should we go over these procedures at our coaches meeting?
 ER procedures will fall back to program representative that is responsible for the field that day.
We will have a laminated procedures card that will be given to all programs and be at each field on play days.
Committee of Mike, Debbie, Karen will proceed to finalize our procedures. Debbie will call FCCJC and Leawood soccer to see if we can get copies of their procedures.
Three areas to pursue:
1. Policies on hydration, heat, lightening, thunder
2. Equipment .. what do we need to invest in
3. Training and communication
Great Plains Chapter Update - Justin Wetterer
PCA workshop this Sat. 1-3 at St. Paul’s – sign up at US lacross.org
PCA is needed to become certified level 1 coach
Officials Training Nov, 20-21 at St. Paul’s. This will be full certification from US lacrosse trainer. Free
Call the Game will participate in this training
Hall of Fame Event Nov. 6thdetails to come.
Coaching Clinic in February for a nominal fee taught by Tom Marachek
Working on having US Lacrosse U13 and U 15 Festival in KC in June.
US Lacrosse Board of Directors meeting in KC at the same time.
Home and Away fields vs. KCYLL Managed
Each program would be responsible for finding a Home field and managing it and paying for it. Programs could share. League would determine what is acceptable
KCYLL Organized fields as in the past. After discuss ion it was motioned and voted on to keep KCYLL managed fields. We did not think our group was ready for the responsibility of program managed fields.
Fields options are:
Northland – Turf at Winnetonka
BV North
Rockhurst College
All Turf fields will add the expense of each team fee. Approximately $30 or $40 per player 5-8thgrade.
2-4thgrade would play on grass and fees would be lower per team.
Motion was made and vote passed to stay with league managed fields.
Debbie following up with a contact on Olathe fields
Holly SME and Rockhurst College
Hunter BV fields
Ken Northland
We need to also secure grass for 2-4th.  St. Paul’s and Pembroke are options as well as  Northland.
Debbie looking into Lady of Peace on Grandview and Bannister.
Single Grade Divisions
It was determined 2nd grade separated from 3/4 with the note that if there is
not enough 2nd graders to make up a 2nd grade organization we fold them
back into 3/4.

Still to be determined, field size...modified for all 2, 3/4 like
last year or grade 2 on modified and regulation field for 3/4?
After discussion and proposal by Greg Goss.. Attached… it was felt single grade divisions would be better for 2012 season.

Preliminary opinions from each club were that it was better for the players developmentally. New players could play down a grade and follow 30% rule. Example: 7thgrade team of 18 could have 5 players from 8thgrade if they were matched skill and size wise.
No vote was taken... Janos would l like to discuss with BV Club therefore suggested we all talk within our programs and vote next week.
We will be voting on this issue Monday night October 18that 8PM conference call.
Call in number is:  1-213-289-0500  
Code is:  926715
Proposal for Single Grade Division.

League eligibility:

Is there a challenge to current Bylaw that states 8thgrader playing high school are not allowed to play KCYLL? Mike has spoken to LAKS and they will support our rule. They will not put into their bylaws. But they do see our concerns and will support us.
Janos mentioned BV still has one player that would like to play both next season.  BV can make a motion to challenge the rule.
Mike asked 2 questions... Is this a benefit to the league as a whole or just a few?
Why do we need to worry about High School teams? We need to take care of youth teams.
We asked Janos that if BV were going to make a motion to challenge that they kindly do it before registration opens.
Meeting Adjourned
Conference Call October 18 at 8 PM
Next meeting will be November 15 at 6:30.