Our organization promotes the game of lacrosse, sportsmanship and teamwork. We welcome players of all abilities. Our goal is to teach the skills, along with training so they have an understanding of the game and develop a life long love for lacrosse!

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Two teams compete with 12 players each: a goalkeeper, 5 attackers, and 6 defenders. 
(can also be categorized as goalkeeper, 3 attackers, 5 midfielders, and 3 defenders).


Attackers include the first home, second home, third home, and two attack wings.

1H  First Home - The first home's responsibility is to score. Located in front of the goal, the first home must continually cut 
                              toward the goal for a shot, or cut away from the goal to make
room for another player. She should have
                              excellent stick work.

2H Second Home - The second home is considered the playmaker. She should be able to shoot well from every angle and
                              distance from the goal.

3H  -  Third Home - The third home's responsibility is to transition the ball from defense to attack. She should be able to feed the
                              ball to other players and fill in wing area.

AW  -  A
ttack Wings - The wings are also responsible for transitioning the ball from defense to attack.  Wings should have speed
                              and endurance and be ready to receive the ball from the defense
and run or pass the ball.



Defenders include the point, coverpoint, third man, center, defense wings, and goalkeeper

P  -  Point - The point's responsibility is to mark first home. She should be able to stick check, body check and look to intercept

CP  -  Coverpoint - The coverpoint's responsibility is to mark second home. She should be able to receive clears, run fast and have
                           good footwork.

3M  -  Third Man - The third man's responsibility is to mark third home. She should be able to intercept passes, clear the ball, run
                           fast and have good footwork.

C  -  Center - The center's responsibility is to control the draw and play both defense and attack. She should have speed and

DW  -  Defense Wings - The wings are responsible for marking the attack wings and bringing the ball into the attack area. Wing
                          should have speed and endurance.

Goalkeeper - the goalkeeper's responsibility is to protect the goal. She should have good stick work, courage and confidence.