Our organization promotes the game of lacrosse, sportsmanship and teamwork. We welcome players of all abilities. Our goal is to teach the skills, along with training so they have an understanding of the game and develop a life long love for lacrosse!

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The following is a list of terms you may frequently hear while watching a lacrosse game. Some of you may be familiar with, others may sound a little odd at first, but all are a part of knowing the game of lacrose.


Attack Goal Area  -  The area defined by a line drawn sideline to sideline, 20 yards from the face of the goal.

Ball or Ball down  -  All players usually shout ball any time the ball is on the ground.

Body Check  -  Contact with an opponent from the front, between the shoulders and the waist, when opponent has the ball or is within five yards of a loose ball.

Box  -  An area on the sideline used to hold players who have been served with penalties, and through which substitutions “on-the-fly” are permitted directly from the sideline onto the field.

Butt  -  The end of a crosse opposite the head.

Catching  -  The act of receiving a passed ball with the crosse.

Check-Up  -  A call given by the goalie to alert the defender to find his man and call out his number.

Checking  -  The act of using a controlled tap with a crosse on an opponent's crosse in an attempt to dislodge the ball.

Clamp  -  A face-off maneuver executed by quickly pushing the back of the stick on top of the ball.

Clearing  - Running or passing the ball from the defensive half of the field to the attack goal area.

Closely Guarded - The player with the ball has an opponent within a sticks length.

Cradle  -  The act of moving the stick from side to side causing the ball to remain in the upper part of the pocket webbing.

Crease  -  A circle around the goal, nine feet in radius, into which only defensive players may enter.

Critical Scoring Area - An area 15 meters in front of and to each side of the goal and nine meters behind the goal.  An eight-meter arc and 12 meter fan are marked in the area.

Crosse (Stick)  -  The equipment used to throw, catch and carry (cradle) the ball.

Crosse Checking - Stick to stick contact consisting of a series of controlled taps in an attempt to dislodge the ball from the crosse.

Cutting  -  A movement by a player without the ball in anticipation of a pass.

D Cut - A maneuver used by an attackman to get open for a shot. The player starts on the GLE, about 5 yards from the goal. He then makes a rounded cut, on the side away from the ball (completing a "D" shape).  This is often the third attackmans' move during a fast break.

Defensive Clearing Area  -  The area defined by a line drawn sideline to sideline, 20 yards from the face of the goal. Once the defensive positioned correctly, usually due to a loose ball or an unsuccessful clear.

Dodging  -  The act of suddenly shifting direction in order to avoid an opponent.

Extra Man Offense  -  A man advantage that occurs following a time-serving penalty.Man Up.

Face-Off  -  A technique used to put the ball in play at the start of each quarter, or after a goal is scored.  The players squat down and the ball is placed between their sticks.

Face Dodging -  A player with the ball cradles the stick across his face in an attempt to dodge a stick-poking defender.  Generally an open field dodge that does not involve changing hands.

Fast-Break  -  A transition scoring opportunity in which the offense has at least one man advantage.

Feed Pass  -  An offensive play in which one player passes the ball to a cutting teammate for a "quick stick" shot on goal.

Flag Down  -  Tells the offense that a penalty will be called. This means that you should do all that we can to get off a shot without dropping the ball to the ground, which will halt play.

Gilman Clear  -  Defender, typically the goalie, clears the ball by throwing it as far as he can   down the field. Sometimes this is a desperation move, but it is often better to create a ground ball situation in the opponents end than around our own goal area.

Ground Ball  -  A loose ball on the playing field.

Head  -  The plastic of the stick connected to the handle.

In the Dirt  -  The often trampled area approx. 15 foot radius area in front of the goal. Shots from      outside the dirt area should be bounce shots, which are more difficult for keepers to stop. Also known as the ‘hole'. A much smaller area than ‘the box.'

Loose Ball  -  A situation in which neither team has control of the ball.

Man Down  -  Describes the team which has lost a player to the penalty box and must play with fewer men on the field. Man Down teams are often tricky, since it is likely that a defender was penalized.

Man-to-man  -  A defensive setup in which each defending player guards a specific offensive opponent.

Midfield Line  -  The line bisecting the field of play.

On-the-Fly Substitution  -  A player substitution made during play. Usually executed while the ball is being  handled offensively,

Out-of-bounds  -  When a shot goes out of play, the player closest to the sideline where the ball went out gets the ball.

Pick  -  An offensive maneuver in which a stationary player attempts to block the path of a defender with his body.

Passing  -  The act of throwing the ball to a teammate with the crosse.

Pick-Ups  -  The act of scooping a loose ball with a crosse.

Pocket  -  The strung part of the head of a stick which holds the ball.

Poke Check  -  A defender jabs his stick at the exposed stick end or hands of an opposing ball carrier in an effort to jar the ball loose. These checks are very effective in that the checking player stays in balance and keeps a cushion of space between himself and the ball carrier.

Quick Stick  - When the ball reaches an offensive player's stick on a feed pass, he catches it and then shoots it toward the goal in one swift motion.

Rake  -  A face-off maneuver in which a player sweeps the ball to the side.

Riding  -  The act of trying to prevent a team from clearing the ball.

Release  -  The term used by an official to notify a penalized player in the box that he or she may re-enter the game.

Shaft (Handle)  -  The pole connected to the head of the stick.

Shooting  -   The act of throwing the ball at the goal with the crosse in an attempt to score.

Unsettled Situation  -  Any situation in which the defense is not positioned correctly, usually due to a loose ball or an unsuccessful clear.

Warning Cards - A yellow card presented by an umpire to a player is a warning which indicates that he will next receive a red card and be suspended from further participation if he continues to play dangerously and/or conduct herself in an unsportsmanlike manner. A green card is presented by an umpire to the team captain indicating a team caution for delay of game.