Our organization promotes the game of lacrosse, sportsmanship and teamwork. We welcome players of all abilities. Our goal is to teach the skills, along with training so they have an understanding of the game and develop a life long love for lacrosse!

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Personal Fouls


The penalty for a personal foul is a one to three minute suspension from play and possession to the team that was fouled. Players with five personal fouls are ejected from the game.


Slashing  -  Occurs when a player's stick viciously contacts an opponent in any area other than the stick or

gloved hand on the stick.

Tripping  -  Occurs when a player obstructs his opponent at or below the waist with the crosse, hands, arms,

feet or legs.

Cross Checking  -  Occurs when a player uses the handle of his crosse between his hands to make contact with

an opponent.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct  -  Occurs when any player or coach commits an act which is considered

unsportsmanlike by an official, including taunting, arguing, or obscene language or gestures.

Unnecessary Roughness  -  Occurs when a player strikes an opponent with his stick or body using excessive or

violent force.

Illegal Crosse  -  Occurs when a player uses a crosse that does not conform to required specifications.  A

            crosse may be found illegal if the pocket is too deep or if any other part of the crosse was altered to gain an advantage (In addition, the penalized player may not use the illegal crosse for the remainder of the game). A head must also not be too pinched so the lacrosse ball cannot come out.

Illegal Body Checking  -  Occurs when any of the following actions takes place:

a. body checking an opponent who is not in possession of the ball or within five yards of

a loose ball.

b. avoidable body check of an opponent after he has passed or shot the ball.

c. body checking an opponent from the rear or at or below the waist.

d. body checking an opponent above the shoulders. A body check must be below the shoulders

            and above the waist, and both hands of the player applying the body check must remain

in contact with his crosse.

Other Illegal equipment  -  not having a mouthguard, or not having it in the mouth, open ends on the shaft of

                        the stick (no butt end), no shoulder pads, no arm pads (in most leagues, goalies do not have to

wear arm pads so they can move their arms faster to block shots.)

Illegal Gloves  -  Occurs when a player uses gloves that do not conform to required specifications. A glove will

                        be found illegal if the fingers and palms are cut out of the gloves, or if the glove has been

altered in a way that compromises its protective features.


Technical Fouls


The penalty for a technical foul is a thirty second suspension if a team is in possession of the ball when the foul is committed or possession of the ball to the team that was fouled if there was no possession when the foul was committed.


Holding  -  Occurs when a player impedes the movement of an opponent or an opponent's crosse, or a player has

                        his crosse in between the arm pads and the players body.

Interference  -  Occurs when a player interferes in any manner with the free movement of an opponent,

except when that opponent has possession of the ball, the ball is in flight and within five yards

of the player, or both players are within five yards of a loose ball.

Offsides  -  Occurs when a team does not have at least four players on its defensive side of the midfield line

or at least three players on its offensive side of the midfield line.

Pushing  -  Occurs when a player thrusts or shoves a player from behind.

Moving Pick  -  Occurs when an offensive player moves into and makes contact with a defensive player with the

purpose of blocking him from the man he is defending, as opposed to a legal pick, standing next to a defensive player, blocking him from the player he is covering.

Stalling  -  Occurs when a team intentionally holds the ball, without conducting normal offensive play, with the

intent of running time off the clock. This is called if no attempt is made to get in the box.

Warding Off  -  Occurs when a player in possession of the ball uses his free hand or arm to hold, push or

control the direction of an opponent this includes pushing him off.