Our organization promotes the game of lacrosse, sportsmanship and teamwork. We welcome players of all abilities. Our goal is to teach the skills, along with training so they have an understanding of the game and develop a life long love for lacrosse!

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    Lacrosse is played on a large rectangular turf or grass field.

The field has markings with specific functions:

Midfield line - Divides the field into equal halves. The X centered on this line is where face-offs take place.  Also, the proper
            number of players on each team must remain on each half of the field to avoid being 
called for offsides.

Sidelines and endlines - Mark the boundaries. When a ball or player goes out of bounds, the opposing team takes possession.
            Following a shot, the player closest to spot where the ball went out of bounds has 
possession. Therefore, a teammate
            should always be in a position to back up a shot.

Goal - Points are scored when the ball passes through this six-foot by six-foot square.

Crease -Circle surrounding the goal that the offense cannot enter. Players can reach into the crease with their stick to gain
            possession of a loose ball, but cannot touch the goalie. Crease violations result in a

Attack area/defense clearing area - The offense has 10 seconds to move into this area after crossing the midfield line. Once the
            defense has possession of the ball, it has 10 seconds to advance out of this
area. Also, attackers and defenders must
            remain in these areas during the face-off.

Penalty box - Used as a holding area for players to wait out their penalties. It is also the access area for substitute players
            entering and exiting the field for on-the-fly substitutions.

Wing area - Two of the three midfielders must remain in the wing area until the face-off starts.