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                                                         Frequently Asked Questions

 What is AAU ?   The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) is nationally know as one of the largest, non-profit, volunteer sports organizations in the United States. It is a multi-sport organization, dedicated exclusively to the promotion and development of amateur sports. AAU baseball offers the best competition in the country and region with most teams participating in an off season training regimen. There is a 12-30 scheduled game season that consists of playing teams from all over New England and is for the serious and dedicated ballplayer. Each team that qualifies will participate in the New England Regional Tournament with the opportunity to play at the National Level. New England AAU is a well established organization that is nationally recognized by coaches at all levels and renounced as the premier amateur youth baseball association in the United States.

 How Do The "Mariners" Differ From Other Local AAU Clubs? The goal of the Atlantic Baseball Club is unequivocally on individual player development in a team concept. Our objection is to start preparing our players for high school baseball and The New England Premier "Premo's"at the 9U level. Other clubs preach the same but one should posse the questions, " Who really is doing the teaching and coaching" and what is the coaches playing and coaching experience?"  
 As a Mariner player, how and by what avenues will my child develop?
This answer is simple. Instructional clinics, lessons, coaching and more coaching!  It is the single most important element next to hard work in a players development. All Mariners coaches and ABC instructors are highly experienced and actually played the game at a high level. Our teams are predominately coached by non-parents who are compensated professionals. In addition, with our home being The Atlantic Baseball Club in Hanover, MA, our players have the advantage of training in an upscale professional environment and work with an experienced staff of instructors.
 The Mariners program integrates 3 hours of weekly team practice, Linear Progression Training and daily clinics that are all part of the player's package. All players are members of the club, free to use the cages and facility.
What is the experience and baseball education level of the coaches?
We display a biography page of our coaching staff on the Website for public viewing. An important fact is, AAU or The NEEBL doesn't have qualifications or mandatory certifications for coaches or instructors. Most clubs have coaches who are fathers and their single most motivation is the betterment of their son who may not possess the skills necessary to play. Our coaches are compensated professionals who are accountable.

What about team instruction? 
Most programs will offer some off-season instruction but it can vary in what is being taught. We offer one total club teaching philosophy in our structured 3 hours of team practice.  In addition, all players have a 3 private lesson package plus Mariner Daily Workouts.  It is about preparing the athlete for the season and the NEXT LEVEL through every means possible..

The most important question to ask yourself is ... Did my child improve last year?

What about the number of games

A travel baseball program should be a supplement to a towns youth program, not a substitute.

  • The Mariners feel strongly about players playing for their town teams. Town baseball is where your child gains notoriety and this notoriety attracts the attention of baseball personnel at the next level  ... High School. 
  • The AAU schedule of games ranges from 16- 30 games depending on age group. Teams may also attend 1-3 tournaments. 
  • Our policy is to avoid as much as possible, scheduling back to back weekend doubleheaders

Why play for the Mariners and not Brand X Travel program?   For these solid reasons....

  • The Coaching staff is all experienced professionals with most teams coached by Non-parent coaches.
  • Limited roster of 12 or 13 players
  • Indoor training facility available year round with a professional staff of instructors.
  • 3 hours per week of structured team practices. 
  • Daily and Holiday Clinics  
  • 3 private lessons included in the player's package in any discipline of the game
  • Quality uniforms and equipment. We outfit our teams from helmet to cleats. 
  • Flexibility to play for both your town and NEAAU 
  • We have our own home fields with minimal travel.
  • We are proud members of New England AAU. 

                            IT'S ALL ABOUT THE NEXT LEVEL