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Parents Code of Conduct Agreement
2018-2019 Hockey Season



All parents must complete this agreement every year. First you must read the Code of Conduct section of the USA Hockey Annual guide which can be found on the http://www.mahockey.org/Documents/usah_ag_codeofconduct.pdf (the text is listed below). Once you have read that section of the annual guide check the "I Agree" this agreement and bring to your coach or Program Designee.


I, the undersigned parent, have read and agree to abide by, the USA/Mass Hockey Parents Code of Conduct.

I understand that violations of the Parents Code of Conduct may result in removal of my child from programs sanctioned by USA Hockey and/or its affiliate, the Massachusetts Hockey Association.

I further understand that lack of awareness or a misunderstanding of an ethical standard on my part is not a defense to a charge of unethical conduct.