Little League Baseball and Softball in West Windsor Plainsboro and Cranbury NJ

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SEPTEMBER 21, 2009

In attendance: Executive Board Members- Andy Lupo, Chris Thornton, Ellen Vogt, Shawn Panson, Jackie Stein, Ron Russell.
Others in attendance-Andrew Klein, Nick Shiera, Suresh Jaswal, Larry Charlip, David Vena, Bradley Mitchell, Kuljot Singh, Brian O’Leary, Kim Strype, Steve Lichtenstein, Dana Panson, Sean Bluni, Bill Kramer.

Summer- D12 girls were in the finals, lasted mid June to early August. They represented West Windsor well. Teams did well but encountered tough teams along the way-specifically the 10 year olds.
Fall-No Major or Rookie level but only two towns are in Rookie. Full team at Minors level with 15 girls.

Summer- 12-Hosted 12 yr old tournament. Team made us proud. Pat O’Brien managed District Team. Did a great job and thanks to all the managers and coaches. We want to host the D12 Tournament finals again.
11’s-Brian O’Leary gave a wrap up. Believes they will be very competitive next year.
10’s-Ted Phalen managed the team, they should have advanced but lost in a 3 way tie breaker.
9’s- Steve Litchenstein said they got out of pool play in the first tournament. They won the Lawrenceville tournament.
8’s-Shawn Panson managed. They got out of pool play in both tournaments.
7’s-Sean Bluni managed the team and said it went well, kids learned a lot and had fun.

Baseball- have 8 teams and have some kids as young as 5 yrs old signed up. Many kids playing for first time.

Concessions need to be updated as it doesn’t reflect summer receipts. September 30 is the cutoff for the fiscal year.

The township has agreed to pay for the cost of the lights and the monthly utility bill for the three fields at Community Park. The league would be responsible to pay for the installation which is approximately $56,000. Nick Schiera has applied for a $40,000 grant to help pay for this cost through Baseball Tomorrow Fund. The application has been submitted and will take approximately 3-6 months to get a response. Andy and Nick will approach the Wildcats Softball Association to discuss sharing a portion of the installment costs. If there is no interest on their part then a decision may be made to convert one of the softball fields at Community Park to a baseball field due to the proportionate number of baseball registrations vs softball registrations.

Put up 15 signs, advertise in WWP Today, flyers ( get Board of Ed approval)
Need to attract 5-6 year olds.
Should we have T-Ball in the fall? Andy suggested T-ball games in the indoor facility.
In softball there is a drop from Minors to Majors-don’t know why.

Andy Lupo explained the procedures on voting. Slate announced, motion by Bill Kramer and second by Nick Shiera. Current Board in place except for Kim Strype (Secretary).

Jackie attended summer games and it was appreciated. She also updated the manager/coach evaluation forms and it worked out well.

Softball (Ron) -No news at the present. Everyone from last year is back.
Baseball (Chris)-Larry Charlip will be joining Sean Bluni to be a Majors Coordinator. In addition to Larry’s new responsibilities , he will coordinate the BB Clinics with Ellen Vogt and retain the 2010 Big Brother /Sister Program.
2010 Spring Coordinators are as follows:
Majors-Sean Bluni and Larry Charlip
Minors-Brian O’Leary
AAA -Dana Panson
AA-Fred Maresca and Scott Demouth
A-Susan Bluni
Tball-Andy Vogt

West Windsor will be hosting Tournament of Champions next year. Chris is looking for someone with some experience for this event.

Ready to go. Shawn will get together the cost of the baseball vs softball clinics.

WEBSITE (Andrew)
Post season went well. Put a lot of pictures up. Will update website with the winning teams from the spring season. Currently looking for a site where people can post their pictures ,someone can approve them and then be displayed on our website. The pictures that parents take would not automatically be posted to public viewing until after they were checked.

Major concern is access to the building. People are opening door for people instead of them swiping their cards. Thinking of hiring a "gate keeper" a couple of hours a night to remedy this and to clean up.
Cleanliness is another issue. The place needs a thorough cleaning. Maybe reach out to the gentleman who cleans up at Ward Field.

Adjourn: 9:30
Next Meeting -October 5 @ West Windsor Municipal Building.