Little League Baseball and Softball in West Windsor Plainsboro and Cranbury NJ

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West Windsor Little League
Board Meeting Minutes
November 9, 2009
In attendance: Executive Board Members- Andy Lupo, Chris Thornton, Ellen Vogt, Jackie Stein, Ron Russell, Kim Strype.
Others in attendance-Nick Schiera, Steve Lichtenstein.
Minutes- Approved.
Registration-Registration should be up and running tomorrow morning. We need to get the township to put up the banner on corner of Clarksville Rd. and Rt. 571. The signs will also need to be put up. It was also discussed to have the volunteer forms put on our website. They can then be filled out and collected at the drafts. It is required that all coaches have a background check. They would not be able to come back looking for their bond without having completed the background check.
Volunteer Bond-(Ellen) Just a few stragglers rolling in.
Player Agent- (Jackie) Nothing to report at this time.
Fall Ball- (Steve Lichtenstein) Fall Ball is over. Steve is trying to get all the evaluations back. Chris asked Steve to get a summary from each manager in reference to how it went overall (traveling, weather, etc.).
Softball- (Ron) Three ideas came from a meeting that was held recently- a coaches manual, use Wildcats to hold clinics, and to get kids interested in pitching by introducing it in Rookies. We will be hosting the Softball Organization meeting on December 2. We will arrange to reserve a room in the Senior Center. We will probably be hosting the Scheduling Meeting to be held in March.
Ron informed us that they will be starting Regional Tournaments for 9/10 year olds in both baseball and softball in 2010. The intention is to add a World Series in 2011. The implication of this is that the 9/10 tournaments must start at the same time as the 11/12 tournaments. May get more details at the District Meeting in December.
Baseball- (Chris)  Need to verify that Paul St. Amour will be handling the scheduling. A concern that we may only have four AAA teams this season due to the # of boys who are going to be nine and playing up in Minors.
Clinics- Will be ready for next week.
Indoor Facility- (Andy) Waiting for the new security system. The pay on-line system is working well.
Equipment- All equipment in except for some that was used for Fall Ball. Nick is going to check to see if the old pitching machines are usable if not, he will look into pitching machines.
Projects- Once spring comes will look into making repairs on the outdoor batting cages.
It was suggested that we hold quarterly Board Meeting instead of monthly. The Executive meetings will be held monthly by conference call.
End of season clean-up is scheduled for November 15. Ron will send out notification. This will be the last opportunity to complete the volunteer duty from the spring season
Andy Lupo notified everyone that he will be retiring from his position as President after this term.
Adjourned: 8:20