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The Mission of the MSA Lacrosse Program is to promote youth sports in the community while encouraging teamwork, positive self esteem, sportsmanship, respect for others, personal responsibility, and perseverance. All Directors, Officers, and Members shall bear in mind that the attainment of exceptional athletic skill and the winning of games are secondary to the development of character and good citizenship.


Our Goal is to best prepare our children for the game of lacrosse and at the same time not to sacrifice our beliefs in our mission. It is always a fine line between fair and competitive, because not always is it fair not to be competitive. Competitive needs to be defined as doing what is right by the TEAM as a whole. Competitive does not in essence mean WINNING at all costs. The winning at all costs mentality is not part of MSA’s Mission or Goal.


·         Organized sports are considered the best avenue for developing life skills.

·         Teaching team work, commitment, discipline, leadership, respect, honesty, trust, victory, defeat, assertiveness and community responsibility

·          As coaches we instill the aspect always teaching “TEAM” first and being of utmost importance.

·          Our goal is to teach lacrosse and nurture the fundamental skills that are involved, without prejudice or prudence.

·         Team members are encouraged to strive not just for themselves, but also for their “TEAM” as a whole.

·          All players must be true to themselves, maintain their integrity and respect others at all times.

·          Honesty, respect, hard work and cooperation are paramount to the development of a true player, a team and ultimately a program.

·          We will attempt to involve every child in the lacrosse experience at a level that suits their individual needs.

·          All players are to be treated as equals. Having to earn the respect of their teammates and coaches alike.

·         Coaches will profess that everyone’s role carries the same amount of importance, no matter how big or small it may be.


The MSA Lacrosse Board of Directors