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Roster policy: 
At all levels, only players qualified to play at that level will make a travel team roster.

Checking Policy:
Checking is permitted at the Bantam and Midget levels only; however, body contact will be taught to players at all age levels.

Slap Shots: 
Slap shots are not permitted at the 8U (Mite) and 10U (Squirt) level. Slap shots are permitted at the 12U (Peewee), 14U (Bantam), 16U/18U (Midget) and Girls levels.

Line Changing Policy: 
All travel games include line changes on the fly.

Equal Ice Time policy
The Reston Raiders believe in the development and well-being of all participants in the Raider program, regardless of House or Travel. Our goal, first and foremost, is FUN HOCKEY FOR KIDS. Secondarily, it is to help our players develop a passion for the game of hockey such that they will continue to enjoy it ell after their playing days with the Raiders. It is with this in mind that the Raiders believe that developing player’s skills and understanding of the game are paramount. To that end, the Raiders believe in an equal ice time philosophy, for all players, regardless of level or position with the team.
The Raiders do believe that some latitude is appropriate for older travel players (14U Blue and up) and that the coaches of these teams will have limited flexibility to employ game systems consisting of Power Play and Penalty Kill where necessary to be more competitive. This means that a coach, at his or her discretion, may utilize these systems in games where playoff or championship implications are on the line. However, it is understood that this flexibility is limited and not the standard by which coaches will manage their teams during the course of the season.
Although it is unlikely that any coach will be selected who does not support the philosophy of the Raiders program of equal playing time policy, or a focus on developing ALL players regardless of their standing on the team, the club will not tolerate a coach who fails to operate under these guidelines. As such, any violation of this policy will immediately be brought to the attention of the Club Head Coach.

Attendance policy:
The RRHC requires that players not miss more than one (1) practice and one (1) game per month on an unexcused basis. Illness, school obligations and family obligations will be considered excused absences and no limitations shall apply. Common courtesy dictates that the coach or team manager be informed in advance of the impending absence (excused or unexcused) so that appropriate planning can occur. If a player has 2 unexcused absences in any month as outlined above, the following shall occur:

    - If a second practice or game in any month is missed, the player will be required to sit out 1 period of the next game. 
    - If a third practice or game in any month is missed, the player will be required to sit out 2 periods of the next game. 
    - If a fourth practice or game in any month is missed, the player will be required to be in attendance but sit out the next game.  In addition, there will be a discussion with the player and his/her parents as to the athlete′s commitment to the program.
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