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The Reston Raiders Hockey Club Board of Directors is firmly committed to maintaining the Reston Raiders as the area's premier full-service, youth ice hockey organization.

The Raiders have built a tradition of excellence, through the efforts of dedicated parents and coaches in each of the club's program areas: Initiation, House and Travel. The Board is firmly committed to continuing that tradition by finding new ways to support the coaching staff and by expanding program offerings to help each Raider player reach his or her potential in the game of ice hockey.

The Board also is continually exploring ways to improve programs for children who enjoy playing hockey recreationally (House) and for those who like a limited Travel environment (House Select). The club offers a series of highly successful skills clinics, to help all players improve and enjoy the game more.

The Raiders have enjoyed tremendous growth over a short period of time, and the Board is working to keep the momentum going - not just in terms of numerical growth, but also in terms of quality and consistency in every program offering.

This is your club. Your input is extremely valuable. Send your ideas to or talk directly to a board member.