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Swim Team Parent FAQ's

What You Need to Know

Attending Practice

It is expected that swimmers will attend a minimum of three practices in the week before a meet if they expect to compete in the meet. Exceptions may be granted if parents speak with the coaches prior to these absences.  Swimmers under 12 must be supervised by an adult or age appropriate sitter at swim practices and meets.

Meet Sign-up & Attendance

Sign-ups for each meet will done on this website. An email notification will be sent out with a link to the signup form.  It is assumed that swimmers WILL NOT be attending a meet unless they indicate “YES” in the online sign-up by the deadline.

It is important that swimmers tell the coaches if they cannot attend a meet that they signed up to attend. Scheduling swimmers into individual events and relays is not an easy task. A swimmer's absence impacts the entire meet roster, particularly if the coaches placed you in a relay—three other swimmers may not get the chance to compete because of your absence. If you've signed up for a meet, please be there!

Parent Volunteers

The success of our swim program and meets depends upon the involvement of parent volunteers.  Glenbrooke hosts three swim meets per season. We also host the swim championships every three years with the next championship at Glenbrooke scheduled for 2020.  All of these events require parent participation. You will be asked to help at each of these events with timing, ribbons, scoring, concessions, running time cards or parking.  If a parent can't commit to work the entire meet, most jobs can be shared by two volunteers. Without help from parents, there can't be any meets! Sign-up sheets will be posted on the clubhouse bulletin board at the pool.

Team Fee

At the start of the season, a per swimmer team fee is collected. This fee goes towards offsetting various team related costs. These include ribbons, medals, trophies, beginning of season pep rally and end of season banquet.

Swim Meets

Swimmers compete individually in the 4 competitive strokes: freestyle, breast stroke, back stroke and butterfly. Swimmers 12 and over can also compete in the Individual Medley which combines all four strokes. Relay events are the Medley Relay where each swimmer swims one of the four strokes and the Freestyle Relay where all four swimmers swim freestyle. Events are divided by gender and age (ages 8 and under, 10 and under, 12 and under, 14 and under, 18 and under). A swimmer's category is defined by their age as of June 1. Swimmers aged 10 and under compete in 25 yard/meter events; 11 years and over compete in 50 or 100 yard/meter events.

* Arrive 45 minutes prior to the start time. This allows for the coaches to take attendance, make changes
   and a proper warm up for our swimmers.

* Bring a chair for your child to sit in.

* The kids sit together as a team so that it is easy for coaches to find them.

* Meets are typically about 3 to 4 hours in length.

* Swimmers will be placed in events that the coaches feel they can compete in and by need of the team. They will find out what event(s) they are swimming in the day of the meet. Events will be posted by age group and event.

* The kids will be given event cards when it gets close to their time to swim. The coaches and/or captains will help get the kids to the correct lane for their event. The swimmer then gives the card to the lane timer and waits behind the block.

* Often different clubs offer a snack bar but it is always a good idea to bring snacks and drinks, especially for those hot days.

* We will run extra heats in events with multiple swimmers as necessary. Kids will be grouped as best as they can with like swimmers.

* Encourage your swimmer to use "Swimmer's Etiquette", they should remain in the water until the last swimmer
   finishes & shake hands with those in the lane next to you. Tell them "Good Job!" Not all practice this but we try. This only applies to the last swimmer in a relay.


Meet Scoring

Points are awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd ,4th and 5th place finishers in the first heat of each event. Points are totaled for each team to determine the final outcome of the meet. Ribbons are given to all swimmers who place in these events. In addition, ribbons are given to all swimmers aged 10 and under, regardless of their heat. Swimming is both a team sport and an individual sport. We consider swimmers in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th heats to be as vital to the team as those in heat one. We encourage swimmers to improve their times, develop skills and gain confidence in new events.


Championships are held at the end of the regular season. The hosting of championships rotates among
the three league clubs with "larger" pools.  


Go Glenbrooke Gators!!