Youth Football and Cheerleader Programs in Wilton, CT

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How a coach can group email his/her team:

Click on “Admin
Put in your email address (must be the one you used in your profile)
Put in your password (If you have lost your password, follow the online instructions to have it emailed to you)
Menu surf your way back to your team’s Roster page…by clicking on the Team tab and entering your  team’s respective information in the boxes shown below:

      SEASON:______________   LEAGUE:_______________  TEAM:________________

and then click on the Roster tab in the left hand column

Click on the Email the team  icon  near the top of the roster page (under the "options" dropdown). This will put you into an email composition mode.

To email a smaller subgroup within the team: follow the same steps above, but once you are in the email composition mode just delete out the email addresses in the “To” box that you do not want to receive the message.

To email a singler player; while on the Roster  page just click directly on that player’s name. This brings you to a mini “Player Profile”, now just click directly on the email address shown at the bottom of that profile.

To email all players while also keeping your message on your Team's News Page: From your team's News page, Click on the Add New Bulletin  icon  near the top of the page. This will put you into a bulletin composition mode. Compose your message, then click on the Email Broadcast box before you click on "Submit"

Sometimes you need to get time sensitive information to your player's parents and email is too slow. The website has a feature to send Text Messages to cell phones for those parents who turn the feature ON. When you create a bulletin message that you are also emailing to the team, simply check off the "Send Text Message" box at the bottom of the News Bulletin screen along with the email features check box.


To Email or check numbers/registrations for a grade level BEFORE the current year Teams are set up:

Maybe you only want Tackle registrations for a particular grade level. Here are the instructions for getting just tackle registrations for just grade 4 (as an example):

1. Log into admin

2. using the dropdown menu under "Admin", navigate to: Members -> Lookup Members

3. From the "Find Members" page, enter the following options:

  •     Report Type: Download Data ( or email if you are looking to send an email)
  •     Member Type: Player
  •     In Grade(s): enter grade 4 and make sure grade year is 2014-2015
  •     Registered In: Make sure program(s) is/are selected (in this case Tackle 20"current year")
  •     Click on the "Find Members" button

4. From the "Download Member Data" screen, use the dropdown box under "Choose Report" to select "Just Name/Grade". The Default report gives you every field in the database which is often way too much info. There are other reports there created by other people--select any one of them. At this point in the season (before the end of July), the "Team Name" will give you the prior year team that the player was on (this is a good way to see how many returning players you have vs how many new ones).