Grandville Little league exists to provide an environment in which young players can learn to play the game of baseball or softball, sharpen their skills, learn social skills in regards to teamwork, sportsmanship, respect and work ethic.

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Detailed Registration Instructions

1) Whether or not you have an account, scroll down to the Division of your 1st child: example Baseball - A (LL Ages 7-8) (If you need help determining your child's Little League age, click here). Click the “Begin Registration” button.

 - This will bring you to a screen confirming you are about to register for the correct division. Click "Continue" if you have selected the correct division or "Back" if you selected the wrong division. Selecting "Continue" brings you to the account screen.

2a) If you are a Current Member, sign in using the email you used to create an account.

 - If you cannot remember your password, select "forgot password". If you cannot remember which email you used to create your account or wish to change the email address used to log in, please email Please DO NOT create another account, as creating a new account can lead to mix-ups with your child during team assignments.


2b) If you are a New Member, create an account by selecting the "Create Account" button. Then enter your email address and click "Continue". This will send a link to create a password.
 - Open the email you used to create the account and click the link to create a password. Follow the password guidelines in the box below the "Submit" button. Return to the Sign In screen and use your password to log in. If you closed the Sign In screen, navigate back to the website BUT DO NOT sign in using the Sign In link at the top. Instead, find the registration again click "Register", then sign in through the registration steps.
3) You first need to enter in the Parent/Guardian information.
 - Leave the password alone unless you would like to change it.

 - Leave the ID field blank.

 - Check the box to be reminded of Games via email. It is mandatory to be reminded of Practices
 - Click Submit to move on to the Participant Information screen.
4) Next, enter in player information.

 - Please enter the date of birth correctly as only an administrator can change/correct.

 - Enter any email addresses where you would like to receive notifications for the participant. Separate addresses with a semi-colon ";".

 - Set the phone number and email address fields to “roster” which will allow the coach and parents of your child’s team access to this information, but it won’t display to other teams/players.

 - Enter cell number and provider to receive text notifications such as rain cancellations.

 - Leave the password fields and ID field blank.
5) You will then be asked a series of supplemental questions to be used by the Division Director and coach.  All fields with an “*” must be filled in.

6) Click on “Submit Information” when you are done.  The system will then display your child’s information for you to review or change prior to payment.  If you have another child to register, select that option prior to payment.  Each family with three or more athletes will pay a reduced registration fee for each athlete starting at the 3rd athlete and after.  The reduced rate is $50 each athlete.  This reduced rate does not include Fall Ball. 
To register additional players, scroll down to his/her division to begin registration for this child.  The program will only require you to fill in the player’s information, it will not require you to enter parent info again.

Registration is not complete and player team placement will not happen until payment is made.

Team Managers and Assistant Coaches - You must complete a volunteer registration for this season to be considered for coaching.  Run the volunteer registration program on the "Register" page.