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Any lacrosse player can play box lacrosse, play it right, it's good to understand the basics.  Take a look at the information below as well as the Box Lacrosse 101 tab for a ton of info!

Offensive Concepts

Pick & Roll Basics (2-man Game)

Seal picks (called "posts" in this video)

Off-Ball Play


Defending the Pick & Roll


This first one is from Marty O'Neill, NLL Hall of Famer and owner of Maximum Lacrosse.

This video is from legendary coach Johnny Mouradian and all-star goalie Brandon Miller

Full Game Videos (to showcase the different levels)

Colorado Collegiate Box Lacrosse League (opens in new window)

2012 MABLL Game Video (Amatuer)

2015 World Indoor Championships - Semifinal - USA vs. Iroquois (International)

(Marty Joyner officiating - shamless plug!)


2019 National Lacrosse League Championship (Pro)