Welcome to the Registration Info Page

We have two rugby seasons per year:

  1. A winter/spring season that we also call the regular season. This is the season we play the traditional rugby with 15 players on the field. For younger age groups it starts mid-November and goes through March, while for high school ages it starts at the end of February and goes through the beginning of May.
  2. A summer season, which is when we play the faster pace rugby with 7 players on each side (as seen in the Olympics). This season starts in May and ends in July.

For information on the active or upcoming seasons, please look under the Registration tab on our web page.

When player registration opens, then you will see a big "Register Online" button on our home page, it will also show up under the Registration pull-down menu. In the event we have more boys than we can manage, acceptance will be based on the order of registration so please register early!

In case you are a new player and would like to give rugby a try before committing - you can do this - you can hold off paying until you have completed two practices. However, we do require that you to register online before practicing, since we need information, signed waivers and we want to communicate with you about any updates or changes to practices.

For questions regarding registration please contact the Membership Chair (click here for contact info), for example:

  • Questions regarding your child playing up or down to a different age group.
  • Questions on how to register in a closed program or age group.
  • Questions on how to setup a payment plan.

Regarding financial aid, limited scholarships for the registration fee are available, this can be found under the Registration tab on our web page (or click here).