BVL Spring Select 2024 | Boulder Valley Lacrosse
Youth lacrosse program for boys in Northern Colorado, including Boulder, Broomfield, Erie, Lafayette, Louisville, Longmont, Superior, and Westminster.

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TRYOUTS FOR 2023 BVL SPRING SELECT 6th, 7th, and 8th grade teams will be held on Sunday October 22nd, 2023.  Tryout registration will open here soon.
Location:  Manhattan Middle School turf field, 290 Manhattan Drive, Boulder.

6th grade: 900am-1100am

7th grade: 1115am- 100pm

8th grade: 115pm- 300pm

2024 BVL Select teams will be organized on the basis of grade. Players will not be permitted to "play down" in grade, they must try out for a team at their actual grade level.

Tryouts will also be used to provide input for team placement on white-division teams at these age levels.

Select rosters will be published and emailed to all tryout participants by Wednesday November 8th. 

You do not have to tryout for Select teams in order to be placed upon a spring BVL team.  Parents will register players for the spring season beginning January 1st, 2023. Simply register a player and we will place him on the appropriate level team for his experience and ability.  

2024 Spring Season:
  • Boulder Valley Lacrosse will again organize tryout teams at 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade levels for advanced players.  Tryouts will be held in fall 2023 for these teams, which will play at an appropriate competitive level within the AYL (Arapahoe Youth League) in spring 2024.
  • These teams are known as “Boulder Valley Select” and will be led by coaches with significant playing & coaching experience. 
  • The Select team is considered the top team at a given grade level.  We expect to field multiple teams at each of these grade levels. 
  • BVL Select tryouts are open to all experienced youth players in our program.  We do not recommend that beginning players participate in Select team tryouts. 
  • Select tryouts will also be used to provide evaluation data for potential placement on competitive white-level teams. AYL  divisions are Red (most competitive), White (intermediate), and Blue (basic).  
  • Players who do not make a Select team or do not try out will be placed on a spring team appropriate to their skill & experience levels.  
  • You do not have to try out for Select in order to play with BVL in the spring.  Registration for 2024 BVL Spring League teams will open at on January 1st, 2024.  Simply register early to insure your son's placement, and we will assign him to the appropriate level (basic, intermediate, or advanced) team.  We will email all BVL parents before registration opens.

Team Formation:

  • Select teams will be determined on the basis of evaluations in late October or early November.  Input from previous coaches about a player's ability to contribute to a Select team will also be considered during the selection process.    
  • Evaluators will consider athletic ability, overall commitment to lacrosse and the team, work ethic, and positive attitude when selecting players.  We reserve the right to add additional tryout dates after the initial evaluation. 
  • Players are strongly encouraged, but not required, to participate in BVL Fall Ball in order to improve their chances for selection and their future team’s skill level.  Fall Ball participation provides every player with the opportunity to receive additional exposure to BVL evaluators and demonstrates dedication to the sport. 
  • Participation on a past Select team does not guarantee inclusion on a future BVL Select team.  Players will be expected to earn their positions on a BVL Spring Select team before the start of each spring season. 
  • BVL Select team members will be expected to make lacrosse their primary extracurricular activity, after responsibilities to family and academics.   The spring season runs from the first week of March through the conclusion of the AYL season in late May.    
  • We reserve the right to move players on or off a Select team roster at any time before or during the season. 
  • Players not chosen for a BVL Select team will be assigned to the appropriate spring Boulder Valley team depending upon skill level, geography, and experience.

2023 Uniforms, Fees, Practices:

  • The Select team fee for spring 2023 will be $695 plus US Lacrosse membership.  This fee covers BVL registration, coaching costs, additional indoor and outdoor practice field expenses and potential tournament fees, and a BVL Select uniform.  
  • BVL Select players will be issued a distinctive uniform and a special shooter shirt to recognize the extra commitment required of participants.  
  • BVL Select teams will practice three times per week during the spring season, will participate in the appropriate division of the AYL, and may play in additional tournaments during this period.       

  BVL’s Commitment to ALL Boys Lacrosse Players:

  • We are committed to finding a place for every boy who wishes to play lacrosse- regardless of skill level or experience- and placing them on the appropriate level team.
  • We will provide EVERY player in our program with a high level of positive coaching and instruction.
  • Every player will be given an equal opportunity to participate on a BVL Select team--  but positions must be earned and never granted.  There are no guarantees of playing time on Select teams.
  • Our coaches will always be open and approachable.  We encourage players, not parents, to seek out advice and instruction from coaches in order to increase their skill and playing time.