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Coach Information

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For more information about coaching with Patriot Lacrosse please contact the President at .

US Lacrosse Coaching Education Program

Coaches reimbursement policy: Patriot Lacrosse will pay the following for one registration:

  • 50% for US Lacrosse level 1 training
  • 100% for level 2 training

We allow this reimbursement for 3 coaches per team during spring, 2 for fall, and 1 for winter per team.  If the head coach has extra trained coaches on his team, he can decide how to disperse the reimbursements.  This does not include uniforms, player US Lacrosse memberships or other additional costs.

NOTE:  Coaches need to pay for their player's registration when registering.  Reimbursements will be issued after background checks are verified, training is documented, and distribution amounts determined by the team's head coach.


Coaches requirements:

Patriot Lacrosse will pay for the required items below for coaches approved by the club president and/or coaching coordinator.  After completed please submit your recetipts to .

  • Valid background check through NCIS.  Contact:  for information on how to complete the background check.  If you completed a background check through US Lacrosse, click here for information how to share these results with Patriot Lacrosse.  The background check is valid for 2 years.
  • Valid Adult US Lacrosse membership.  The US Lacrosse membership is valid for 1 year.
  • Valid concussion certification from: NFHS, click here for the certification.  This short course my be taken every year and the certification form needs to be emailed to:  .  Certification is valid for 1 year.

Board member reimbursement policy: Each board member gets "1" registration fee paid, not including uniforms, US Lacrosse memberships or other additional costs.