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MLBT Girls Lacrosse Spring Program


The goal of the MLBT Girl's Lacrosse Program is to promote the social and athletic development of the girls of Mountain Lakes and Boonton Township, New Jersey through recreational lacrosse activities. The program is part of the Mountain Lakes Recreation Department and a member in good standing with both the national and state lacrosse organizations; US Lacrosse and Jersey Girls Lacrosse Association (JGLA).


  • The MLBT Girls Lacrosse Board subscribes to the teachings of the Positive Coaching Alliance and organizes coaching clinics and training for our coaches. We are also affiliated with US Lacrosse and encourage all our coaches to become Level 1 Certified and require all those to do so as mandated by the JGLA.
  • We offer opportunities to support a wide range of abilities and values as well as  fun and competition
  • We recognize that children develop at different rates and their needs change over time. We expect movement between our programs from year to year. For instance, a girl who played Travel in 7th grade might play Select in 8th grade, and vice versa. There is NO guarantee that being on the Select team one year means you are on it the next.
  • It is our goal to instill in as many of our girls a love of the sport that will follow them into the high school lacrosse program. In making this happen we recognize that the best way to do so is to ensure that they are having fun while learning the game and improving their skills while they are in our Program.
  • Tryouts and player evaluations for our Select Team(s) are conducted by independent professional trainers. The MLBT Girls Lacrosse Program seeks to minimize the potential for parent-coach bias in all team selection processes.