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It goes without saying that the staff and coaches at CT Lacrosse Training love lacrosse and are committed to growing this fantastic game by:

  • Providing our participants with the highest level of age appropriate coaching instruction 
  • Helping to increase the confidence level of all our participants 
  • Instilling a sense of teamwork and fair play among all our participants
  • Helping all participants to honor the game by respecting the rules, their opponents, officials, coaches and teammates

We hope that all participants learn the value of teamwork, determination, commitment and HAVE FUN playing lacrosse. 

We believe that each player must do the following to be successful in athletics:
  • Maintain a positive attitude at all times, including while at practice
  • Make a commitment to the sport, himself and his teammates both during the season and in the off-season
  • Give 100% effort during games AND while at practice 

Below are some traits/skills that we feel contribute to making better lacrosse players:
  • Attackmen, Defenders and Midfielders:
  • Be a team player
  • Hustle, Hustle, Hustle
  • Exhibit a high lacrosse IQ 
  • Have strong stick skills
  • Attackmen:
  • Be able to finish and exhibit accuracy with shots
  • Be unselfish
  • Exhibit strong field awareness
  • Be a relentless rider 
  • Exhibit high comprehension of offensive concepts
  • Defenders:
  • Be physically and mentally tough
  • Exhibit good footwork and body position
  • Exhibit high comprehension of defensive slide package
  • Midfielders:
  • Be relentless
  • Exhibit solid defensive skills
  • Be smart offensively
  • Exhibit a strong shot on the run
  • Exhibit strong comprehension of both offensive concepts and the defensive slide package
  • Goalies:
  • Be confident
  • Great communicator
  • Stop the ball consistently
  • Clear the ball consistenty
  • Exhibit strong comprehension of defensive slide package