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Honoring a Tradition


From the early days of Wilton lacrosse, there was a strong sense of a need to 'give back'.  To give back our time and resources to make Wilton lacrosse better and for that matter the sport of lacrosse in Connecticut.

Guy Whitten instilled this in all those who played for or were associated with him.  He gave his time and energy to build the youth lacrosse program in Wilton, but most important to grow the sport of lacrosse in Connecticut.  Many of the current FCIAC programs are beneficiaries of his goodwill.   Wilton Alumni have shown the same spirit and continue to volunteer and contribute their time to advance the skills of our future Warriors as well as those in other communities throughout the United States. 

In the same spirit, Warrior Pride wishes to honor this tradition of giving and we will be donating our time and money to assist the High School and youth programs with free clinics, instruction, equipment donations as well as financial contributions.

Already after four seasons of operation, Warrior Pride has

  • Offered Coaching Clinics to the WLA and Youth Board
  • Donated new and used equipment to the WLA's equipment drive for programs in need
  • Outfitted local ABC students with lacrosse gear
  • Contributed funds to cover 50% of the new helmet purchase for the JV and Varsity programs
  • Contributed funds to cover 50% of the new uniforms purchased for the Varsity program
  • Provided over $8,500 in scholarships to Wilton families in need
  • Donated and planted flowers at Wilton's Veterans Memorial Stadium
  • Supported the HS Football Boosters with an annual contribution
  • Hosted year end Green Pizza Truck party for WHS Girls and Boys Varsity program

We will continue this practice each year and hope to increase our contributions as we grow.   Your fees not only will go towards your own child's growth and development, but will also be leveraged to help others within our lacrosse community.