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Many recreational programs suffer due to the loss of players & parents to travel programs.  Our stance is travel & recreational programs need each other, they complement each other, and are beneficial to each other.  Working together to provide a blend of opportunities in order to maintain & strengthen both programs provides for strong viable baseball & softball programs for everyone to enjoy ..

Travel teams affiliated with LYBSA are supplemental to the recreational program.   Travel Teams, both Baseball & Softball are organized independently, but must meet recreational player participation requirements.   The main purpose of the weekend teams are to provide players with the skills & desire to play additional more competitive ball the opportunity to do so and to strengthen the overall recreational program by retaining & even attracting players that might otherwise just play travel.  In addition to the player being retained to help build recreational teams, more often the parents of the weekend teams provide a strong core of volunteers for the recreational program.  
The Travel teams are self-funded as LYBSA does not provide any funding for weekend teams.  The benefits for weekend teams to be affiliated with LYBSA come in the form of the insurance umbrella and facility usage.  Travel ball can be very expensive with tournaments costing up to $600.00.   Other Travel teams often charge upwards of 600.00 to 800.00 to participate on a weekend team.  The facility usage helps mitigate costs for LYBSA affiliated teams and makes them more affordable than other programs.   Weekend travel tournaments hosted at LYBSA not only provide weekend teams the opportunity to raise additional funding, but they also generate revenue for the LYBSA recreational program.

For additional information on specific weekend programs, please visit the Pirate Travel Softball page or Baseball Travel Page.