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Frequently Asked Questions

302 Lacrosse Info
302 Lacrosse was developed in the winter of 2007 /2008 to provide an opportunity that was not yet possible for many players.  302 Lacrosse was formed to help expose players to college coaches so they could have the best opportunity to reach their goals of playing Lacrosse in College. 302's number one priority is to help you! We wanted to help the local players improve so their high school/ middle school / youth  programs could benefit.  We also wanted to share our many connections and resources, so our players could have a broader range of college choices, and be given the opportunity to reach their academic and athletic goals at a school that best fit their individual talent.

What sets Team 302 apart?
 Coaching and teaching experience.  Most importantly, we are not only coaches but teachers.  Jay Motta and Keevin Galbraith have both been teaching since 2002 with degrees in Health and PE, Elementary Ed, Secondary Ed, and Keevin has a Masters Degree in Special Education.  We are involved with young people throughout the year and have learned the best ways to teach and coach our players.

As a bonus, there are very few programs in the country that have the same experience and knowledge in lacrosse as our coaching staff.  We have a college coach/ professional player, former D1 or D3 player, or current D1 or D3 player coaching at every position.  Jay Motta, who also was a professional Lacrosse player for the Barrage (MLL), is a former assistant coach at UD and coached Delaware to the NCAA elite 8 in 2004.  He also coached the face-off guys at UD and helped Alex Smith (College All-American /MLL ALL-Star/Team USA) at Delaware break multiple NCAA face-off records.  Keevin Galbraith played 12 seasons of playing professional lacrosse (Philadelphia Wings and New York Titans, NLL. Philadelphia Barrage, MLL. North Shore Thunder, WLA.)  Keevin also was one of the leading scorers for The US Indoor National Team in 2007.  Along with playing, Keevin has been coached High school Lacrosse in Delaware and Pennsylvania. Keevin was also an assistant coach for team USA indoor and coaches the likes of Casey Powell and Paul Rabil.

How do you expose and develop players?
Our playing and coaching careers have helped us develop many friendships in the college coaching circle.  We regularly communicate with many college coaches who ask about our players and their plans for college.   As a part of the college coaching network, we are good references and can give recommendations that the coaches value and trust.  From our recommendations, we have been able to help many of our players get recruited to play college lacrosse. We help players also get into elite camps that other coaches without the network contacts can not.

During the summer we work to develop our players' individual skills and teach advanced team concepts.  This development is taught during our practices that take place on Tuesday and Thursday night in the summer.  We will also be offering practice from February to May to help develop team chemistry.  Our practices are every Tuesday & Thursday starting the last week of May though mid July. During practice, our players will be taken through college and pro style drills, which will help the players take their games to the next level.   These practices are important to develop team chemistry for our tournaments so the players can compete at the highest level in front of perspective college coaches.

What tournaments are you playing in?
Our  Rising Seniors, Rising Soph, Rising Frosh, will be playing in 3 to 4 tournaments this Fall and summer, and our Rising 3rd-8th grade  teams will compete in 3 events in Summer and Fall. This will help our players receive the maximum exposure to college coaches.  


HS Elite 4 Summer 3 Fall



Baltimore Summer Kickoff

Tri State National

Lax Invitational

FLG in 3D

Inside lacrosse Invitational


MS Elite 3 Summer 3 Fall

Summer Exposure

Hogan Hershey

First state Blue Hen MVP

Summer Sizzle

FLG in 3D

Fall Brawl

Halloween Havoc


What does your program provide?
The players will receive elite coaching, top recruiting tournaments,  the opportunity to play in front of college coaches, play for coaches who are in constant contact with college coaches, help getting into recruiting camps and tryouts,and receive 302 official apparel which includes:

 302 customgame shorts(ALL),  Shooting shirts (ALL),   (All) and other assorted gear.

Our youth players will learn the game the right way and set themselves up to suceed later in their playing career. They will learn to have a passion for the game while having fun!

How are your teams formed?
Each team will have around 20-26 players broken down from 2 goalies, 6-8 defenseman, 9-10 middies, and 6  attackman.  These team can be broken down by skill and or age. Rising seniors, rising juniors, rising sophomores, hs b team made up of rising sophomores and juniors and seniors(All Star). Rising freshman, rising 8th grade-3rd grade.  Team placement will be determined at tryouts, and players can be moved from one team to the other throughout the summer depending on performance. We also have alternates for middle school. These players are practice players an could be called on to fill in at tournaments. B team and alternates are often moved up to the elite team of their age group as they perform well throughout the summer. 

How do you play on Team 302 Fall teams?
1. You tryout in July /August / September for 302's Summer and Fall teams, and are selected to play for the fall team.

2. You are a rising senior in our program, or non 302 member, who gets recommended by a credible lacrosse source to fill remaining spots.

3. Fall Team practice on Sundays in Sept/Oct and play 3 Sunday events typically the end of Oct/ Beginning of Nov. 

Please feel free to contact us at with any questions you may have.


Where do you practice? 

We practice at Kirkwood Sport Complex in the Fall , Winter box and Summer.  A select few practices in the fall we will have two options for players to practice either at Kirkwood for North players and DE Turf for South Players. In the summer we also often provide a North / South option for players once a week or so.