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1.  Any child who is in 9th grade and plans on playing 9th grade baseball will be required to play 15-year old baseball regardless if your child is only league age 14.  This means if your child will not turn 15 until after 4/30/13.  If you are in 9th grade and do not plan on playing 9th grade baseball you may sign up for the younger age group if you choose.
2.   2016 Metro tryouts for 12 - 15-year olds will be held from Saturday, March 19th thru Tuesday, March 22nd.  Every effort will be to have tryouts outside.  This will mean, however, that practice time will be limited before the season begins.
3.  Players will only be allowed to try out for 1 age group.  While this is not a change from previous years, it is merely being reiterated.
4.  The following is the maximum number of teams we will have but will reduce if necessary based on registration totals.
                                  12      3 Teams
                                               1 - AAA
                                               1 – AA
                                               1 – A
                                  13      3 Teams
                                               1 - AAA
                                               1 - AA
                                               1 - A
                                  14      2 Teams
                                               1 - AAA
                                               1 - AA
                                14/15   1 Teams
                                               1 - A
                                15        2 Teams
                                               1 - AAA
                                               1 - AA
5.  Players are allowed to try out at a level above their age level; however, if they are cut they will not be allowed to try out for the younger age group.  Additionally, the family will be subject to the refund policy as laid out on the CAA website if they should choose not to continue playing.  Any player cut, will be offered a position in the in house program and be offered the difference between programs.
6.  Any coach interested for the 2012 season should register as soon as possible

Program Structure and Philosophy
Traveling Baseball is offered for those individuals who are interested in competing at a higher level. It requires a greater commitment, in that each participant is expected to attend all practices and weekend tournaments. Teams will typically have two practices per week, and play in 30 or more games during the season.  The Chanhassen Baseball/Softball travelling programs utilize the following associations for traveling purposes.
Metro League Website: https://www.mbl.bz/mbl/
In ages 12-15, we offer a Metro traveling program where we bring more focus on competition and developing skills. Traveling teams are formed of our best players to compete with the best players from other communities in the metro area. Our goals are improvement in team and individual skills, emphasizing teamwork, equitable participation required, and exemplary sportsmanship. If number of participants dictates, we form multiple teams per age level, with an AAA-AA-A.
Tryouts are mandatory.  We require that ALL players attend ALL rounds of Metro tryouts unless an excuse is approved, IN ADVANCE, through the CAA Metro Director.  All teams are final once they are posted.  Players are assigned to a team based on the skill and performance level determined by the tryout staff.  All decisions by the tryout staff are final. All players who try out may not be selected to a traveling team. We may need to cut players to obtain the proper roster size. Players cut will have the opportunity to play in-house programs within Chanhassen Baseball.
Grading players during tryouts is not a perfect science. Tryout grades are only a reflection of a player’s abilities on that day.   Coaches generally select players based upon tryout grades, filling positions for the team and personal knowledge of players. No system is perfect and we always look for ways to improve the process. If you have any suggestions or wish to help us in this effort, contact a Board member in writing or attend Board meetings.
Players who have registered for tryouts and cannot participate due to an injury or illness will be excused upon delivery of a doctor's note describing the player's limitations. Players excused due to injury or illness must present a signed doctor's release indicating that the player is medically fit before they will be allowed to participate in any Chanhassen Athletic Association activities. Players who miss the scheduled tryout sessions due to illness or injury will be considered for a similar team from the previous year, however, this is not guaranteed. The tryout staff and the Chanhassen Athletic Association Baseball/Softball Board will determine this, with input from past coaches.

If a player does not make the team they think they should make, review refund and quitting policies if a house offer is not accepted.
Each team will play a regular season schedule.  Additionally, approximately 4 weekend tournaments will be played. Recognizing that individuals will have different skills and needs, a positive environment will be created to foster contribution, accomplishment, confidence and a feeling of self-worth in all players. Each participant will be treated fairly and know they are an important part of the team. All contributions are valued. In turn, players must make the Chanhassen Baseball team they are placed on their sports priority for the season. Equal playing time is encouraged on teams, however coaches are afforded a degree of latitude to temporarily reduce time for players who display a distinct lack of commitment to the team. Coaches are required to communicate the specific reasons for time reduction to the player and parents in a respectful manner, and to work with the player to help rectify the situation quickly. Coaches must keep the respective Baseball/Softball Director of Traveling informed of any reduced time situations.
Emphasis is on skill development, teamwork, cooperation, sportsmanship and respect for others. Winning is not the primary focus, however, competing and striving to win are emphasized at a minimum the following travel team opportunities:
Traveling Association Policy
In order to remain a traveling baseball association in good standing in the state of Minnesota, CAA Baseball adheres to Metro Baseball (MBL) Traveling Baseball Guidelines. These guidelines can be found by visiting: https://www.mbl.bz/mbl/
Renegade Teams Policy
Chanhassen Baseball/Softball will not support Renegade Teams with equipment or field time, nor approve or support Renegade Teams in any State Tournament. A Renegade Team as defined by Chanhassen Baseball/Softball is a person or team that did not initially try out for a Chanhassen Baseball/Softball Travelling Team, or is not playing on an In-House team. This policy pertains to participants in ages 13-15 for Baseball.
Program Goals
• Provide effective, high quality training for players and coaches at all levels.
• Provide programs that are cooperative with, and respected by, other community programs
• Strive to create a fun and entertaining environment for the players, families, coaches and community.
• Seek to maximize the potential of every player in the program.
• Develop players and teams that are able to compete at a top level.
• Encourage and foster player participation for the full length of a player's youth sports career.
• Foster the importance of teamwork and the understanding that all team members play an integral part in the success of the team.
• Promote skill development and create a positive self-esteem for every player.
• Display exemplary sportsmanship always.
Extra Player
If a team needs an extra player due to a schedule conflict, sickness or injury, the player must come from within the Chanhassen Baseball/Softball Association. The head coach has the option to select the player, pending the approval of the Director of Traveling and Director of Baseball. The coach will select from the next level down in the same age group. If no one is available, they are then allowed to proceed to the next age group down, or to Chanhassen Baseball/Softball In-House.  The Chanhassen Baseball/Softball Board must be notified when any use of this policy is put in place.
Fees & Expenses
The registration fee must be paid in full before trying out for a team. A refund will be made if you do not make a team. Additional expenses may include extra tournament fees, and travel costs to and from games.
12-14 year old registration will cover 4 Metro tournaments.  It does not cover State tournaments.  If a team qualifies for a State tournament, this is an additional expense incurred by the team.
The 15-year old registration will include 3 Metro tournaments and 1 State tournament but does not include the gate fee.  The team must qualify for State tournament play.  No refund will be awarded if the team does not qualify for a State tournament. 
Registration for Metro baseball is held January through February.  Please see the Registrations Tab for more information.
Refunds if necessary can be obtained by contacting the program coordinator.
• Full refund prior to first tryout.
• If you attend any or all of the tryouts and then decide not to participate, you will be charged a $18 administrative fee.
• No refunds if program has started (once tryouts are completed and teams are posted), due to uniform and administration costs.

Coach Selection
Anyone who desires to be either a Head Coach or Assistant Coach is encouraged to fill out an application online and go through the formal coach interview process. All applications should be received no later than February 27th of each year.  

A Coach Selection Committee consisting of three or more people selected by the Executive Baseball Committee will interview all applicants and make its final decision on tournament team Head Coaches immediately following the player Skills Evaluations.  Primary selection criteria may include, but is not limited to, past baseball coaching and playing experience, personal coaching and human development philosophies, organizational skills, strong moral and ethical characteristics, support of the Tournament Baseball Program and C.A.A. policies/procedures, and the applicant's commitment to devote several hundred hours to the program during the course of the season.