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The parents of millions of Little Leaguers, combined with their children, league officials, umpires, managers, coaches, and countless volunteer agencies including sponsors, represent an imposing cross section of our world. Parents must take the initiative to make the local program successful. Little League is not a club in which membership implies baby-sitting benefits and entertainment privileges.

Parents Responsibilities

1.Let your child choose to play Little League and to quit if he or she does not enjoy baseball or softball. Encourage participation, but don't pressure.

2.Understand what your child wants from participating in Little League and provide a supportive atmosphere for achieving these goals.

3.Set limits on your child's participation in baseball or softball. You need to determine when she or he is physically and emotionally ready to play and to insure that the conditions for playing are safe.

4.Make certain your child's coach is qualified to guide your child through the Little League experience.

5.Keep winning in perspective by remembering Athletes First, Winning Second. Instill this perspective in your child.

6.Help your child set realistic goals about his or her own performance so success is guaranteed.

7.Help your child understand the experiences associated with competitive sports so she or he can learn the valuable lessons sports can teach.

8.Discipline your chlid when he or she misbehaves, breaks the rules, or is uncooperative or uncontrollable.