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Home Team Responsibilities


Remember that we want ALL players on the field to have an equally positive playing and learning experience.


Home Team’s Responsibilities


* 4 days prior to a game

o initiate field confirmation

o initiate confirmations from assigned umpire

o initiate confirmations from opposing team’s coach

o If no umpire is assigned, contact your division director

  • Note:  You must log into mbgll.org in order to see your assigned officials and opposing coaches' contact.  

* 2 days prior to a game

o Make sure field, umpire, and opposing team are confirmed. If they are not, continue the confirmation process.

o Check weather forecast and contact opposing coach for a plan if you think you may have to cancel and reschedule the game the day of the event. (Notify umpire about plan.)

* Game Day

o Make sure field is open.

o Initiate cancellation plan if necessary.


If you need to cancel a game, please do so as early as possible.


* Game Cancellations

o Contact opposing coach and receive confirmation of knowledge of cancellation.

o Contact assigned umpire and receive confirmation of knowledge of cancellation.

o E-mail umpire assignor (above) to notify them of the cancellation if the game is cancelled 2 or more days in advance.


Submit Game Change Request form to your division director for game cancellations, even if you don't know if and/or when you will reschedule.


Rescheduling Games

The home team must submit a game change request form to their division director.  Click Game Change Request for the form.  Note, if you are changing your game to your opponent's field, you are techically still the home team and responsible for paying the officials.



* Umpire Payments

o Home team is responsible for paying the referee the full amount for the game if he/she does not confirm with the umpire a minimum of 2 hours in advance that the game is cancelled.

o Any team that is a no-show (home or visiting) is responsible for paying the umpire the full amount for the game. [NOTE – this is hard to enforce if the team no shows but you should notify your division director]

o If an umpire does not show up for the game, try calling him/her from the field. 



o If an umpire or a trailer does not show up, please send an e-mail to Kathy Stockman (stockman.kathy@gmail.com).  

o If you need clarification on a rule, please send an e-mail to .


NOTE: You must either talk to the person or receive a written acknowledgement in order to have a message confirmed. Simply sending an e-mail does not constitute a confirmation.



Game Do’s

  • Praise ALL players on the field for good play, not just those on your team
  • Use positive coaching techniques
  • Ensure relatively equal competition
Some techniques
  • Go to four or five passes if one team dominates
  • Tell players quietly so that other team is not offended
  • Play stronger players on defense to allow weaker ones a chance to shoot
  • Ask stronger players to play with their non-dominate hand on top of stick

Honor the Game

Game Don’ts

  • No keeping score at U9 or U11 level
  • No posting scores in newspapers or on League Athletics
  • No running up the score (keep points within a 4-goal differential)
  • No coaches or parents yelling at referee

Players and coaches may ask for an explanation of a call at an appropriate time like half-time or after a game.

Remember that referees are humans. If they make a bad call, play around it.


Sportsmanship * Sportsmanship * Sportsmanship * Sportsmanship


Recommended Reading


Game On by Tom Ferrey

MBGLL strongly recommends that all program leaders and coaches read this book, especially if you are interested in more competitive play.


Warrior Girls by Michael Sokolove – This book discusses the growing epidemic of injuries in female athletes (including ACL injuries).


Games Wanted

MBGLL plans to continue the “games wanted” section of our web site. Coaches who are interested in setting up scrimmages at different levels are welcome to do so. Those looking for developmental games should enter it in the “beginner.” Those looking for regular, non-stacked games should enter their requests in the “intermediate” scrimmages section. Those looking for more competitive games should enter them in the “advanced” section. MBGLL will also add a “select” designation to this area.


Once the coaches agree upon a time and place, the home team should send an e-mail to scheduling to add the game.  Once a game is entered into League Athletics, the umpire assignor will try to find an umpire to officiate the game if provided with 2 weeks of lead time. No umpires are assigned unless the game is listed in League Athletics.  Towns are prohibited from contacting officials directly.


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