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Majors/ AAA/C PREP Competitive Baseball

Players for MAJORS and AAA teams are selected by coaches of the respective team. If your child is interested in these teams, please email For this division each team pays a team fee to Cherry Creek Youth Sports. However, you will still register on the CCYS website but only via code given by your coach. Your team fee will be collected and paid to CCYS by the team coach. These teams compete in the Arapahoe Youth League (AYL). 

The AYL AAA & Majors season will consist of 18 games beginning in April and concluding in mid June.  Games will generally be once per week, played on Mondays through Thursdays.  Teams participating in the AAA/MAJORS division may request up to three (3) bye requests for the season.
The MAJORS division will be limited to no more than eight (8) teams in each age.  The AAA division will be limited to no more than 10 teams in each age (at Board discretion).  The AYL Baseball board may split the AAA division into a National and American brackets of play (depending on total team and field availability). 
Teams will register to play in either the AAA or MAJORS division.  At the discretion of the AYL Baseball Board, all registered teams will be evaluated by roster and prior experience to determine the appropriate participation level of each team. 

At the conclusion of the regular season play, all teams will participate in a single elimination playoff.   Trophies will be awarded to the top 2 teams participating in the World Series game.  There are no trophies for regular season finish.
State berths will be awarded on to the top two teams in each AAA & MAJORS divisions (based on the AYL website standings). Discrepancies will be settled solely at the discretion of the AYL baseball board. Awarded teams may use this paid berth to play in the USSSA state tournament. This award is non-transferable.

The C PREP league games are based upon High School baseball rules.  The playing field will include 90’ bases and 60’ 6” pitching distance with a pitching mound. 
There are no roster in-district restrictions in the C PREP league. However, each team must submit their team roster.
C PREP will have an upper division and a lower division.  The two divisions are intended to provide teams quality games against similar competition.  Coaches declare which division they intend to participate.  At the discretion of the AYL Baseball Board, teams may be moved between divisions to balance the competition.
The spring C PREP season will consist of 8 league games and a single elimination playoff at the conclusion of the spring season. There will be no weekend games.
Schedules may be prepared with teams playing up to three (3) games per week.  In the event of a cancellation, re-scheduled games will be played at the earliest opportunity where both teams are available, not to exceed 3 games per week for either team.

We will be holding a mandatory coaches meeting for all teams planning to play competitive baseball through CCYS and AYL. This meeting will be held in the latter part of fall/early winter. This will be a chance for coaches to get all your questions answered.

All coaches are required to complete a coaches application. Coaches should email their application to:  .

Questions or need more information?  Email