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2012 – 9U District 10 Tournament

Bridgewater Baseball is proud to host this year’s 9U District 10 Tournament, which will be held at Prince Rogers Complex in Bridgewater, NJ.  For directions and field status, please click “Fields, Conditions and Directions” on the left navigation menu of our website.  When there is inclement weather, field status is updated by approximately 3:30 pm on weekdays and 8 am on weekends.
The Prince Rogers Complex has one 60/90 field (PR1) and four 46/60 fields (PR2, PR3, PR4 and PR5) – all fields are lighted and are within walking distance of rest rooms and concessions.  Fields PR2 and PR3 will be used for this tournament and both are situated next to our full service snack shack and restroom facility.
Please visit this page for game results and pitcher availability – we will update the site after each day of play.  For team rankings and overall results click here: 9U Districts Standings 

To review pitchers and innings pitched, please click on the standings and drill down into each game to see details.



Thank you and good luck to all the players and teams!




Tournament Schedule



Game Date Day Time Field Team   Team
Game 1 7/5/12 Thursday 6:00 PM PR2 Basking Ridge vs Readington
Game 2 7/5/12 Thursday 6:00 PM PR3 Flemington vs Bridgewater (h)
Game 3 7/5/12 Thursday 8:00 PM PR2 Hillsborough vs Del Val
Game 4 7/6/12 Friday 6:00 PM PR2 Bridgewater vs Branchburg
Game 5 7/6/12 Friday 8:00 PM PR3 Readington vs Flemington
Game 6 7/6/12 Friday 6:00 PM PR3 Del Val vs Basking Ridge
Game 7 7/7/12 Saturday 9:00 AM PR2 Branchburg vs Hillsborough
Game 8 7/7/12 Saturday 9:00 AM PR3 Readington vs Bridgewater
Game 9 7/7/12 Saturday 11:00 AM PR2 Flemington vs Del Val
Rain Date 7/7/12 Saturday 1:00 PM PR2 Rain Date
Rain Date 7/7/12 Saturday 1:00 PM PR3 Rain Date
Rain Date 7/7/12 Saturday 3:00 PM PR2 Rain Date
Game 10 7/8/12 Sunday 9:00 AM PR2 Del Val vs Branchburg
Game 11 7/8/12 Sunday 9:00 AM PR3 Bridgewater vs Basking Ridge
Game 12 7/8/12 Sunday 11:00 AM PR2 Hillsborough vs Flemington
Rain Date 7/8/12 Sunday 1:00 PM PR2 Rain Date
Rain Date 7/8/12 Sunday 1:00 PM PR3 Rain Date
Rain Date 7/8/12 Sunday 3:00 PM PR2 Rain Date
Game 13 7/9/12 Monday 6:00 PM PR2 Branchburg vs Readington
Game 14 7/9/12 Monday 6:00 PM PR3 Basking Ridge vs Hillsborough
Game 15 7/10/12 Tuesday 6:00 PM PR2 Semi Finals vs Seed 2 vs Seed 3
Game 16 7/11/12 Wednesday 6:00 PM PR2 Finals vs Seed 2 vs Seed 3
Rain Date 7/11/12 Wednesday 6:00 PM PR2 Semi Finals - Rain Date
Rain Date 7/12/12 Thursday 6:00 PM PR2 Finals - Rain Date



Pool Play Tie-Breaker Rules      

The Cal Ripken / Babe Ruth Board of Directors has approved a change in the pool play tie-breaker rules which will be in effect for this Tournament.  The changes now take into account forfeits which occur and may affect the standings.  The new rules are as follows:
When competition begins with pool play format, each team will play a pool play schedule as determined by the commissioner whose jurisdiction the tournament falls.  At the end of the pool play schedule, a pre-determined number of teams from each division will advance to the single elimination competition.  Participating teams will be advised, in writing, prior to the start of tournament competition how many teams will advance to the single-elimination round. (Remember, under the new tournament pitching rule as stated in number 3, the pitching does NOT reset for the single elimination round).

Pool play standings will be determined as follows:
The tie breakers are used in order to advance or seed ONE team at a time.  Each time a tie is   broken to advance one team, leaving a tie between two or more teams, the situation reverts to criterion #2. (Head-to-Head results).

If still tied:
 Example:  Three teams are tied with identical records for the first place at the end of pool play.  Teams A, B and C played against each other once in pool play.  Team A won all of its games Team B and Team C during pool play.  Result – Team A advances, which creates a two-way tie between Team B and Team C.  That tie then is broken by reverting to criterion #2.

If still tied:
If the results of the head to-head match up(s) of the teams that are involved in the tie cannot break the tie (because no team defeated each of the other teams in the tie each time they played, or because no team has defeated all of the other teams involved in the tie, or because the teams involved in the tie did not play one another during pool play, then the tie is broken using criterion #3.  The remaining teams tie is broken by reverting back to criterion #2.

If still tied:
In the event a tie is created by virtue of a forfeited game, and the tie cannot be broken by criterion #2, the order of Criterions #3 and #4 will be reversed and applied to the tie.  Since the number of runs which might have been scored during the game may have affected the fewest runs allowed standing (and the awarding of the forfeit gives the “winning team“ no additional runs given up), this order will better adjust for that event.