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Quick Guide - Adding Webpage Content

 NOTE: Now Captains' Parents need only login with email address and personal password

About Posting Content  

  • Our website utilizes pre-configured forms to simplify posting content
  • The forms enable you to add text, pictures, web links, spreadsheets, etc. and to select font type, size and other editing features
  • Most forms allow text to be copied and pasted from other documents
  • The "News" form defaults to expire in 14 days; to display for the season, blank out the "expires after" date
  • Once these forms are completed, click Submit to activate website posting (content is lost if not "submitted"!) 
  • After posting, forms can be edited
  • Each administrative user (e.g. Captain Parent) has security and permissions for their team pages only.      

To Login

  1. Click Here to login or click "Sign In" at the right top corner of the page
  2. Enter your eMail address
  3. Enter Boosters password; If this is your first time signing in, leave password empty and a temporary will be sent.
  4. Click "Submit"
  5. For any sign-in problems, contact the webmaster.

Using the Website Forms & Tools

  • After sign in, click on Admin (to the left of the Sign In spot); hover over sections of forms & tools for which you have permission.
  • Optionally, you may go directly to the team page and begin using the tools located there.
  • The Support section contains the Managers Manual with excellent, detailed instructions
  • In order to email from the team pages, a roster has to be loaded. Contact the Webmaster to have the team roster loaded on the website.

Short Cuts   

  • To quickly edit team pages and/or email team:
    • After login, go to your team pages (RAIDERS Team Pages>School Year>Season>Team)
    • The team front page contains the Team Bulletins (or News)
      • To change/create Team News, click Add (green + icon), Edit (yellow pencil icon) or Delete (red X icon) - complete the form
      • The form allows you to post the message as news and to send the message as an email to the team
      • The form defaults news items to expire in 14 days; to display for the season, blank out the "expires after" date
      • To email without posting news, go to the Roster page and click on the email icon
      • REMINDER - click "Submit" on the form to post or to effect edits
    • Other editable pages:
      • click icons to access forms for editing or adding new content
      • REMINDER - click "Submit" on the form to effect change
    • Automated content
      • If the team uses the Boosters site to post schedules (games, practices, scrimmages, etc) then:
        • the team front page will display coming events
        • auto-generated emails can be sent for changes to the schedule
        • game results and commentary can be posted and displayed on a team results page
      • Pictures 
        • to display a slide show on the team home page, add images to "team pictures"
        • images in an "Album" are not displayed on the team home page slide show
        • you can create links to other hosted sites (e.g. snapfish)

Creating Schedule for Games (incl Practices & Events) - Reminder: Posting Game Results requires having games scheduled

  • Go to Schedule on the left side of your team page:
    • To Add a game (or practice), click on the icon to bring up the schedule form
    • Complete the form by keying in information, or selecting from the drop downs
      • For location, always select from the dropdown list; if location is not in dropdown, contact .
      • Team is your team; Opponent is left blank
      • Your Opponent is "Outside Opponent" e.g. outside of DSHS
      • Select Outside Opponent from the dropdown list; if opponent is not in dropdown, contact webmaster.
      • REMINDER - click "Submit" on the form to post or to effect edits
    • To Edit games & practices:
      • click on the pencil icon on the left side of the event; edit the form
      • REMINDER - click "Submit" on the form to effect change
    • To Create a non-game event e.g. pasta dinner, car wash, etc:
      • Go back into the admin section (when first logged on)
        • in the scheduling section of admin, click on "Add General Event(s)"
        • complete form and submit; event will be posted to team's schedule
        • event can be edited in same manner as game edit.

Do not hesitate to be creative with your postings:

        You can add a "team documents page" on the team home page, but they will be behind secure login. Email to make them accessible to the public.
You cannot crash the website (just possibly post some really ugly content... that can be edited back to normal)