Grandville Little league exists to provide an environment in which young players can learn to play the game of baseball or softball, sharpen their skills, learn social skills in regards to teamwork, sportsmanship, respect and work ethic.

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CANCELLATION: All Grandville Little League activities are canceled until April 6th. This includes clinics, practices, coach meetings, team meetings, etc.


Welcome to the Grandville Little League Umpires Corner

Facility located at 3777 Aaron Ave SW, Grandville, MI 49418. All equipment can be found here.
Fields #13 and #14 are at the Grandville Middle School a block away, 3535 Wilson Ave SW with parking available on Aaron Ave and Choctaw Dr.

Supplemental Rules Found HERE


Eric-John Szczepaniak, Umpire-In-Chief, (616) 406-5031 or
Sabra Szczepaniak, Umpire Secretary, (616) 406-5012 **
** You must contact SABRA if canceling for an assignment that day. It is best practice to contact both.


Fill out this form for 2020 to umpire at Grandville Little League. If you registered in the spring, DO NOT fill out the form again (unless an address change has occurred). If you did not register/umpire in the spring, please fill out the form.



Umpire shirts and indicators will be provided for all umpires. All umpires are required to wear GvLL or HS umipre shirts with grey slacks or khaki shorts or pants.


The UIC and Secretary shall assign all games for GvLL 2019. Please fill out the forms below to let us know when you are available. If your availability has changed, you may text the UIC / Secretary or fill out the same form again.

Games are typically assigned during the previous week. Please be timely about submitting your availability forms.

[April 18 - May 1]

[May 2 - May 15]

[May 16 - May 29]

[May 30 - June 12]

[June 13 - June 26]

[June 27 - July 10]

[July 11 - July 25]



[Here you will find the pdf and Google Sheet showing the current schedule when available]


WAGES - Bi-Weekly Checks Mailed to Home Address

*All wages are per game and the same for baseball and softball*

AA: $25, one umpire; if two umpires are used, then $25 and $20

AA Advanced - Majors: $25 for plate, $20 for field

50/70 Baseball - $30 for plate, $25 for field

Juniors BA/SB - $35 for plate, $30 for field



Intermediate (50/70) and Juniors baseball can use BBCOR or USABat Standard bats. Softball bats DO NOT need to have the USA logo.