Youth Football and Cheerleader Programs in Wilton, CT
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Wilton Youth Football has introduced a comprehensive concussion management program that includes an on-line tool to help doctors treat concussions.
The ImPACT Baseline Test is a neuro-cognitive test that doctors can use in assessing an athlete’s recovery from a concussion and in determining the timing of return to play.  It provides objective data and prevents athletes who may hide their symptoms from returning to play before they are fully recovered.
There is no “grade” on the test. The test is used to establish a Baseline for future use in helping to determine the best post-concussion treatment.
The ImPACT Test is used by the NFL, NHL, and other professional sports organizations.  It is used by many universities and is now required by some states for high school students.  This test is recommended by the CIAC in Connecticut to be used as a baseline for Connecticut high school athletes.
ALL tackle players, flag players and cheerleaders in the WYF program are HIGHLY encouraged to take the ImPACT as soon as possible.
Some athletes under the age of 10 may not have the attention span to provide useful test results.  However, it is recommended to have all athletes establish a Baseline. The Doctor reviewing the results will be able to determine the best way to use the Baseline.
If an athlete should experience a concussion or a possible concussion, this Baseline information will be emailed to the Doctor. The athlete will then take the test again at the Doctors office and the Doctor will compare the results to help determine the athlete’s recovery progress.
Click on the following link to take the ImPACT Baseline Test and enter the following customer code: RT5WPH4HU3


  • The athlete must be well rested and ready to concentrate for 20 min.  The test environment MUST BE free of any & all distractions. 
  • Parents should assist the student in starting the test but should leave the room when the student is completing the Analysis Modules in the 3rd section of the test.
  • The computer must have a traditional mouse.  Trackballs and touch pads will not provide accurate results.
  • If you are taking your exam on a laptop computer, make sure it is plugged into an electrical outlet and is not running on battery power.
  • Please close any applications other than ImPACT that are currently running on the computer.

The ImPACT testing process is made up of three components:

  • Gathering background information
  • Indicating current symptoms and conditions
  • Completion of the analysis modules

The information for the first two components can be gathered and entered by the exam supervisor or parent.  The third component must be completed by the athlete.
If you still have questions after reviewing the ImPACT Test website please email  .