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Each year, The DS Boosters establish an annual fund for the sole purpose of covering some of the expenses associated with the training and development of DS High School Varsity Coaches. The Boosters' goal is to encourage coaches to attend clinics and other sessions that will help improve the athletic programs at the High School.

Requests for funding will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis each school year until the fund for that year is exhausted.

Requests are submitted to the DS High School Athletic Director who provides the initial approval; AD approved requests are forward to The Boosters President for final approval. Each request will be evaluated and approved or rejected on its merits.


Click Here for Coach Development Request Form


Request Guidelines:

  1. Requests should include the following:
         - A description of the course or activity.
         - Date, location and sponsoring body.
         - The benefits expected to be gained.
         - Details of the expenses to be reimbursed.
  2. All requests should have Athletic Director approval (signature.)
  3. The types of expense Boosters will reimburse:
         - Training/Program registration fees
         - Transportation costs - economy air fare (train or car {IRS cents per mile} ) Reservations are to made seven days or more in advance.
         - Lodging and taxes.
  4. Boosters do not reimburse personal items, e.g. phone, movies, meals, etc.
  5. Awarded to one coach per sport per year.
  6. Maximum single award of $500.