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 Medway Youth Lacrosse Girl's Home Page

The girls' teams are a part of the Founders Girls Lacrosse League. Medway girls play in the West Program Founder’s mission is to help elementary- and middle-school-aged girls in our member towns learn to play and enjoy lacrosse.

Typical Schedule: 

The girls play their games on Sundays.  Practices are usually twice a week. The specific practice days will be determined by your coach.  Outdoor practices will begin in March. There will be a few weeks of indoor practices before the season begins.  We strongly encourage players to make as many practices as possible so that the girls will be successful and safe on the field.  Your best source for practice & game schedules is your coach. Occasionally coaches will make schedule changes that don't make it immediately to the website.  Watch for emails!

2022 Game Dates (coming soon):



May - 

June - 


Why are the girls and boys programs separate?

Unlike other youth programs, like soccer and basketball with combined programs, the girls and boys lacrosse programs are administered by separate organizations in Massachusetts.  Medway's girls program is under the Founders Girls Lacrosse League (FGLL).  The boys are under the Massachusetts Bay Youth Lacrosse League (MBYLL).  Scheduling, fields, referees and rules are unique to each program. 

What do the registration fees cover?


The registration fees cover team registration with FGLL, referee fees, equipment costs, and field usage fees for practices and games. 


Why don't girls wear protective pads, like the boys do? Is 'checking' allowed? 


The girls do not wear pads because physical contact is not allowed.  The 7th/8th grade teams are allowed to use modified stick checking (below the shoulder).  No checking is permitted at the 5th/6th grade or 3rd/4th grade levels. 


How are the teams selected for each age group?


If an age level has enough players for multiple teams, the Founders Girls Lacrosse League requires two evenly talented teams. In other words there is not a 'top' team or an A and a B team. Coaches do their best to create team parity.

Attached is The Beginner's Guide to Girls' Lacrosse   This document provides a detailed overview of the girls' game of lacrosse.  Please note that the girls' game is very different from the boys.

Uniforms – Please Read:

The Girls lax program outfits players with uniforms through a local vendor. You will not see an option to order uniforms when registering through the online registration process.  

Please reference the Uniforms link for additional information.