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How to Be Dedicated to Soccer

You are dedicated to soccer. What does it mean? Learn tips how to be a step ahead of everyone else in your soccer skills, motivation, and play.

You have decided to spend a part of your life with soccer... Congratulation!

If you are serious about your soccer play, you need to know what exactly to do to be as best as you can do.

Actually, there is no big secret of what really means to be dedicated to soccer - you play it as much as you can, you breathe soccer, you dream soccer. How to take an advantage of your passion to soccer?


"I am dedicated to soccer" work ethic

The right work ethic will help you be the best of the bests. If you are dedicated to soccer, working hard would not be a problem. There are some tips though that will help you laser you dedication.

dedicated to soccer

Give your excellence to everything you do.

Excellence is not the same as perfectionism. In perfectionism there are always lots of doubts if it's right or not, dissatisfaction with the results. People, who struggle to be perfect, are focused on the results instead of the process itself.

Usually children don't go for 100 % of what they really capable of. When you thrive to be excellent You, you give 100 % of your best efforts to every single moment - your best shot, run, move. After the job is done, you feel happy and satisfied with the results, because you gave your best.

This should be your attitude at practises and the games too - compete every moment. Give your best efforts every single moment till the final whistle. Don't give up in the middle of the game. Usually people give up mentally first, rather than they get tired.

You should bring your passion (fun, love to soccer) and fight (hard work) in every moment. You should defend every inch of the field and be a warrior of your space. This will bring intensity into your play, which is so adorable by soccer fans because of excitment it gives.

Never compare yourself to anyone else. Remember to strive to improve yourself every day, every game, and every practice, but comparing yourself today with yourself yesterday.

If you are far ahead of the other players, don't stop there, you still need to improve. You may not have strong competitors right now, but there are some good players out there, and someday you may meet them. If you don't work hard, someone does.

"Practice as if you are the worth player in the world,
play as if you are the best player in the world."

How hard is hard? One great coach gave this tip:

"When you are ready to quite, work just ten more minutes.
Work ten more minutes, because someone, somewhere else is quitting."

What to do if you are dedicated to soccer, but not as good as others? Don't get discouraged, you still work as hard as you can. At younger age kids develop physically at different pace - someone faster, someone slower. Some of the children can get advantages with a stronger body. It doesn't matter. If you are in the team, be proud of being a part of the team, and work at your skills, even if the coach doesn't give too much play time. But when you get a chance, you will be ready.

Lionel Messi is a good example of how passion and hard work make dreams come true. He was dedicated to soccer despite his childhood illness (his bones did not grow as they were supposed to). This may become a serious obstacle for someone else with less character and dedication, and people would understand. But for one who has passion and dreams, there are no obstacles.

Never underestimate your opponents. You go to the game field with a mind-set that you are fighting against the strongest and most skilled team. And you give your best to find that weak spot to defeat the monster.

You may win or may not, but you gave your best - this is what matters.


Every day you work hard, and you give your best every game, that you feel in your heart you deserve to win, instead of thinking in your mind that you will win.