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Gaining Self Confidence in Sports
How to Develop Self Confidence

Gaining self confidence in sports is very easy achieved by doing some confidence tricks. There is one secret to confidence that most athletes don't realize.

Let's discover it...

Today many coaches and athletes understand how self confidence in sports plays an important role in the performance. You may be the most skilled player in the team, but a lack of confidence don't let you show it. Skills and your technical characteristics don't possess self confidence.

Here the secret of gaining self confidence...


Self confidence in sports is not something you've got or not, it is something you do or don't do.


Gaining self confidence is something you must practice as any other skills. You have to do it day after day till it gets into your blood and your body.

In other words, you must develop the habit of being confidence. How? - By pretending as if you already have confidence and desire to show your best qualities. You must act as a confident person and successful player.

There are some confidence tricks to learn that will help you bring your best skills that you can easily perform at practices to the important matches when many eyes are watching.

Gaining Self Confidence Techniques

  • At least once, everyone has experienced the great moment of the personal glory, when everything goes just right. Think of a time when you were at your most confidence ever. This might be related to soccer game, or some other significant achievement. This is a state of your being at the higher level when you feel yourself at ease, comfort, grace, and high performance.

    This state comes to many people at rare moments. But instead of hoping for this state to come to you, let's bring yourself to this state.

  • Recall as many details as you can, or better write them down - what you were seeing, hearing, feeling.

    Were your parents or friends there? What was the weather? Do you how comfortable were your soccer boots? Touch of the ball? What was going through your mind? Did you hear cheers? Did anything happen before or after the game? Remember all the details.

  • Close your eyes ad revisit this confidence experience with the feelings. Make them stronger and stronger till you can feel that you can easily to recall them in the future using them as anchors (it's like when you visualize a lemon, you mouth is starting to salivate).
  • Now you can recreate this state in the future game with all your confidence you have bringing along sounds, senses, smells, and posture.
  • Make this mental practice of the gaining self confidence a part of your daily routine. Do this exercise before the game too. Also before the game and during the game control your posture, talks, and your thinking to make them positive and confident. Smile all the time. Move your body as if you are the most confident person in the world.


Confidence is what you feel. The more often you feel confident, the more confident you will feel.

Self confidence in sports is a state of mind, when you use your mind to focus on the game. Forget all expectations to win, to impress your parents, coach or friends, to beat opponents, don't think how you peform, and leave behind all your fears. Those things should not be in your mind.

Play the game for the sake of playing - for the love of soccer, for the pleasure. Always remember why you play soccer - just because you enjoy playing with the ball. Then you don't need all those confidence tricks for gaining self confidence - you already have it. The trick is to remember this.